2016, Passed Smart Hardware About Cycling

If we say that 2014 is the first year of bike intelligent hardware, then 2015 is the last in this area has experienced enthusiastic, looming inflection point to virtual fire retreat tortuous year. The industry called "bicycle smart hardware is a pit", in addition to the lack of practical value and unrealistic pseudo demand, industry chain key support missing incoming who are so difficult. But with the evolution of key technologies, development and maturity, product form increasingly clear that investors return to reason and benign reshuffle the industry, intelligent hardware industry to pick up a variety of good will lead to warming. However, according to the performance and the level of development in this area over the past two years at this stage, we believe that intelligent hardware in 2016 will remain open up the change of technology and business to explore, step away from the inflection point remains insurmountable.


Market "new terminal" expect too bicycle smart hardware hard to bear great responsibility


The wave of bicycle mobile Internet era of intelligent terminal off the bike brought dividends to investors billowing impressive and unforgettable excitement, following the rise of the concept of intelligent hardware market parties trying to become a great opportunity to continue this wave of Internet dividends. But this expectation component appears to be too heavy. Is bound to require users to spend more time, which is obviously contrary to common sense; another idea is that the new terminal must replace one of the former, from the current level of technology and product form view, it is difficult to match things.


According to IDC data show that in 2015, total annual shipments to reach 270 million ordinary bicycle, bike intelligent total shipments more than 1.43 billion. The intelligent products intelligent hardware headlining stem 2015 annual shipments of only 21 million. Thus the rise of Japan, "New Terminal" still has far to the bicycle industry intelligent hardware "New Terminal" bear the great responsibility of promise, as it is a delusion too.


Why Augmented Reality (AR) is a true "Dragon" products? Because AR prospects are very bright, compared to mixed reality immersive VR, AR provided to better meet user demand for new ordinary computer interaction and information exchange, but also the most promising future technologies replace ordinary physical touch-screen. This is also true in line with the expectations of the industry on the above mentioned "new terminal" form. Investment bank Digi-Capital One report said that by 2020 the global VR / AR market will reach $ 150 billion, of which AR 1200 Yi, VR 300 billion. It also noted that the market size is much larger than AR VR, because VR provides immersive virtual experience for gamers attractive, but of little value for public users. This report is very irritating, but also has some truth, but the status of the AR is cruel.


As we all know, riding off intelligent movement pioneers -Omni Shenzhen Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., the company's smart bicycle stem is already establish a good sales, by bicycle smart stem, connect with phone app by bluetooth, function like speedometer, front light, alarming for anti-theft, gps tracker, it is good example.


The enterprise market, the exclusive domain of priority to public consumption


In addition to the intelligent Another trend established, bicycle intelligent hardware is enterprise market take precedence over the consumer market, professional applications in preference to mass consumption. A notable example is the setbacks of recent news came Google glasses will be available in early 2016 Enterprise Edition, and more intelligent hardware-based networking products will flex its muscles in the medical, education, scientific research, transportation and other fields.


This trend bicycle intelligent hardware verification prior to its definition of the industry, namely the "smart hardware is a science and technology, following the concept of smart phones after the transformation of the traditional devices through a combination of hardware and software, and then allowed to have intelligent functions. "by definition, intelligent hardware influence far less PC, smart phones such heavyweight terminal, similarly limited impact on the number and size of the developer, so it is impossible at this stage," the new terminal, "the mission , naturally can not replace the PC and smart phones, some even only as a form of smart phones and accessory equipment of traditional products exist. This determines the cohabitation intelligent hardware product, category buildings, lack of uniform standards and ecological fragmentation serious situation. The most effective way is to integrate large companies with limited resources to serve the enterprise market first and professional fields, which is called "experimental field strategy." After all, not all intelligent hardware products can be like Apple Watch, the general market, the accumulation of mature technology environment