76-year-old Shanghai "yongjiu" Announced Entre Sharing Bike

In some domestic cities, the brutal growth of the network appointment of public bicycles, because it meets the concept of low-carbon travel, but also for the city's final "1-5 km" provides travel solutions, has attracted increasing attention, even in the Some ethnic groups are quite popular.

    When the value of winter, the competition is increasingly shared white-hot. The 76-year-old Shanghai permanent bike will join hands with Yubi bicycles to start sharing bikes in Shanghai in the first half of next year. The face of competition, their opponents expressed optimism, but as the higher authorities of the Shanghai Bicycle Industry Association and the department in charge of transportation has said that the development of shared bicycle has been disorderly situation, the need to regulate.

    There are new industry to join the public bike, that is, sharing the battle of the cycle. Youbai Bicycle announced that it will join hands with 76-year-old bike manufacturer Shanghai permanent, launched in many cities across the country share the bicycle without the pile, plans to start in early 2017 in Shanghai and other cities. Yu Yi, founder of Yibai Bicycle, said he hoped the next year more than two million vehicles can be covered, basically covering a second-tier cities in China and some suitable tourist city.

    At present, Shanghai has Moabai, ofo and other shared bike brand, but the founder and CEO of gifted cycling Yu Yi believes that the existing 15-20 million can not meet the demand. He said that according to estimates, Shanghai, the demand for shared bicycles is about 1 million. According to the Shanghai Bicycle Industry Association estimates, this figure is 50-80 million. Shanghai Bicycle Industry Association, said the Secretary-General Guo Jianrong, Shanghai without piles of Mo worship or ofo, to the end of this year probably to reach 250,000, the scale is far from meeting the needs of Shanghai people travel.

    Yu Yi said that sharing the cycle as a new industry time is too short, on the one hand, I hope the Government can plan more shared bicycle parking point; the other hand, the operator will be through certain incentives and punitive measures to promote the user to regulate the use of behavior. As a newcomer to how to win the market, Yu Yi mentioned first or product, the partner is a veteran of the bike permanent manufacturing enterprises, there are piles in Shanghai public bicycle operating experience. "We feel we still need to rely on the product to speak, this car is relatively light weight, with carbon fiber belt as the transmission system, the transmission efficiency is very high, very comfortable ride.

    After the new industry to join, the industry competition may intensify, but the general manager of Moebay Shanghai Yao was holding an optimistic attitude. "If there is no competition in an industry, the industry will not have a good development, China's 100 cities to do public bicycles, but there is no profit, the original buy is' Hundred Regiments', and now share the bike is' 'Some of the problems now do not know how to answer, but the time is the best test, over a year or two is very obvious, the most stable technology, the most stable service in the market competition to achieve better development. "

    However, the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Corps Office of the Office of the Legislative Yuan Wang Yi view: shared bicycle development has been the phenomenon of disorder, the number to be limited, parking should be standardized. In fact, summed up the problem is nothing more than a parking standard, because the parking is not like the general bicycle parking, household cars, motorcycles and other vehicles are not the same, Parked in the parking garage, Mopei and other shared bicycles need to park on the road, the need to take up sidewalk resources, while the Shanghai sidewalk resources are relatively limited, the overall size of the shared bicycle certainly need to be effectively limited.

    Yao was in a seminar on Monday said that Shanghai has become the country's largest shared bicycle operating city. The Shanghai Bicycle Industry Association, the Secretary-General Guo Jianrong said that the Shanghai authorities will soon introduce the "Shanghai public bicycle development guidance" to regulate public bicycle management. Urban management and traffic police departments to further strengthen the link with the sharing of bicycle operators, to take a variety of ways to deal with chaos stop and other issues, but also to promote the construction of more bike lanes to improve the riding environment. "With the development of Internet technology, the Government can not establish some electronic fence, making the sharing of bicycles must be parked to the electronic fence to be able to return the car, otherwise not.Of course this is to have input, painting white lines than electronic fence, cost The car is already using the Internet technology, management should also keep up.To do more long cycling, but also good background services, or absolutely no vitality, to the time when the boom in the past, the road everywhere Are thrown away the bad car.

    Guo Jianrong introduction, the Shanghai Bicycle Industry Association has also organized some bicycles enterprises, to develop a unified standard of shared bicycle products and service standards, is expected to be formally introduced in the first half of 2017 as soon as possible.