Bicycle Sharing's Crazy And Confused

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Missed about a long time the public bike finally landed in Jinan, but the passage of time, green 

travel stage, another bike - shared bicycle - has been running in front.

Innovative piling-free parking mode and convenient mobile payment, so that shared bicycles become 

the object of capital competition. The birth of less than 1 year of the industry is crazy: more 

than 30 start-up companies Sharu, more than 20 investment institutions to follow suit, more than 

40 billion capital inflows, colorful bicycles conquering ... ... but crazy shadow is confused: the

 vehicle was malicious damage Even by private possession, chaos stop plagued urban management, and 

not yet clear profit model, but also allow people to share the prospects of cycling are worried.

One side is the government to promote public bicycles, one side is the private pursuit of shared 

bicycles, it may be bold to imagine that these two bicycles, there is no "one for" possible?

Accumulated financing

4.4 billion yuan

You can buy 603 sets of Beijing Second Ring 100 m2 room ofo (small yellow car) financing 1.27 

billion total 800,000

Mubai financing of 23.6 billion yuan in the north-Canton accumulated 400,000

Yibai Bicycle financing 280 million yuan Shanghai 100,000 riding riding bicycles financing 100 

million Hangzhou 2000 small bicycling financing 130 million yuan Shanghai 100 000 1-step bicycle 

financing 220 million yuan Chengdu 40,000

Driving the production of one million bicycles

Equivalent to 1.99% of the full year 2015


■ One bike with Internet access

Do not have to stop the pile of cards do not share the bicycle APP has 30

Public bicycles in the city public transport system is flexible and convenient, low-carbon 

environmental protection and get through the "last mile" and other advantages. Many cities have 

established a public bicycle system, but to do card to lease, to find the pile to ride, after the 

need to find a fixed parking spaces to car and other traditional problems that the public "both 

love and helplessness", but also to government-led public bicycle Project "lame".

And now the first-tier cities have been able to use the mobile phone APP APP to complete the 

process by car, car, payment, and so the whole process; national GM, vehicle dynamic GPS 

positioning; car can be reserved; can borrow anytime car; ... ... shared cycling platform for 

traditional Public bicycle service has been a lot of "subversion."

Since October 2016, the domestic share of the size of a sudden soaring bicycle market. According to

 public information, including Mobike worship, ofo, including nearly 30 shared bicycle manufacturers 

have invested in the city's shared bicycle has more than 300,000, mainly in Beijing, Shanghai, 

Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and so on.

■ a user in the eyes of the "cycling war"

"Picking up" free small yellow car leave "chase" Mobike bicycle

As in Jinan, Jinan, who worked hard for many years, Miss Hou from a user's point of view, witnessed

 the form ofo and Mobike worship bicycles in two forms of evolution and competition.

"Mo worship of three generations of bike I have been riding, I personally prefer his car, sweep 

code unlock is also very convenient, but also positioning, through the phone will be able to know 

where a car, you can 'go straight to the theme. Said that the small yellow car unlock relatively 

cumbersome, can not be positioned, only on the road to try his luck. At the same time, Jinan 

University campus problems she also encountered, "small yellow car wheel lock most people will not 

be riding to complete the screw, 'picking up' to a car almost 50% chance to unlock" .

Miss Hou said, Mabai bike binding on the user may be stronger, one of her colleagues once because 

they forgot to lock, specifically with the unit took a fake to "chase car." "If you do not lock 

led to the car lost, not locked users may have to compensate 2,000 yuan, my colleagues in 

accordance with customer service provided vehicle location, spent most of the day to recover the 

car, if someone during the use of this person Do not have to pay. "(Reporter Cao Mo)


■ coordinates: Jinan small yellow car for a new lock, still dug up the "free ride" vulnerability

Last autumn, after school, Jinan University West Campus and Qilu University of Technology, Shandong

 Institute of Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Changqing campus, there have 

been many small yellow car.

Small yellow car just stationed in the University of the economy, and some day can ride a total of 

thirty or forty kilometers, a first put on the 1000 campus manufacturers responsible person, the 

initial backstage orders up to 15,000 times a day.

However, because the password lock is relatively simple, a variety of crack passwords and free use 

of the way students spread in the group, also led to a number of campus small yellow car backstage 

orders cliff-type decline, and some even down Jiucheng, To manufacturers caused great losses.

From the first batch of investment in the past six months, small yellow car now how to use? January

 13 this year, the reporter once again came to the first stationed in the small yellow car of a 

resident University of visit found that they have a new change - the original only 10-digit tablet 

password lock has been replaced by 40 Bit digital wheel lock, the correct password is still 4 


Prior to the vehicle with the password lock is only 0-9 ten figures, because the style is 

relatively simple, students in the spread of a variety of ways to crack the password, such as 

pressing the unlock button, followed by the number of keys is the correct basic password. Replaced 

with 40-bit new lock, the same four-digit password, there are more combinations, would like to 

break even harder.

However, the reporter saw on campus, parking is not locked problem still exists. As the car locked 

after the need to turn the wheel, if you do not turn, press the lock button can still open the lock. Reporters random to find a lock on the 15 small yellow car try, as much as seven of the password lock can be opened, this way, the user can also be free riding. (Reporter Cao Mo)

■ coordinates: first-tier cities

Mo Bi cycle is still not profitable, the detained user deposit

A few days ago, a user exposure suffered Mobike cycle detained deposit, said in the application for 

refund of deposit, although the receipt of refund information, but the account 598 yuan deposit and

 other costs have been unable to arrive.

This is not the case. In the microblogging search Mobike bike deposit refund and other relevant 

information and found that not only have many users suffered a motorcycle Baibei forced detention 

detained, there are many users encounter "recharge after the success of the account balance does 

not increase" strange phenomenon.

At present, the city has reached 11, the cost of a single car 3,000 yuan, the Mabai bike's 

conservative capital needs to reach 3 billion. Even if the cost of the second generation of Mobike 

worship has dropped significantly, only the cost of production of motorcycles and bicycles only 

need a huge investment of nearly 1 billion yuan. While the total deposit of Mobike is about 

1.6 billion yuan.


"We have not yet found a good profit model, or temporarily no money, and then we need to let us 

venture to win the time to explore the profit model." 2016 Third World Internet Conference, Mobike 

cycle CEO Wang Xiaofeng sentence Then, will not find the profitability model Moab fatal flaws made 


Competition in the shared bicycle market, increasingly fierce market, just 1 yuan per hour of 

income is clearly difficult to support the pace of progress Mobike. Moebay found in the effective 

means of profit before the deposit for the Mobike, it is obviously very important.