Bike Sharing Re-financing War, Does It Needs Really So Big?

Recently, the colorful shared bicycle in the subway station, University campus entrance, park entrance and so on everywhere. As if just a few days to share the bike on the "capture" of the city. And users can only be found by APP on the side of the bike, sweep yards unlock, ride away, and then anytime, anywhere you can also return the car, I feel popular user favorite. In addition, standing in the shared economic vent, all kinds of capital are also optimistic about this last mile cake, and flocked to the financing war can be described as wonderful. So, skim this busy and lively, really calm down to think: a city, really need so much to share a bicycle?

Mentioned shared bicycle, whether you sing good or bad-mouthing, it has already infiltrated our daily, become a beautiful city landscape, and has gradually become a normal city life. In addition, the concept of sharing the popular cycling also capital markets, urban management and so have a huge change.

Shared cycling re-financing war

December 13, Ube bikes officially announced that the black hole to invest 100 million yuan A + round of investment. This may be the last round of financing for shared bicycles in 2016. In other words, from the capital market point of view, from the beginning of August this year, geto trueo Fund and Wang Gang 10 million yuan A + round of financing to December 13 this year, announced the completion of bikes from the black hole capital of 100 million yuan A + Financing, Mo worship, ofo, Xiao Ming, You worship four companies have accumulated a total of 11 rounds of financing.

At this time, the financing of individual cycling companies at a glance, and basically the amount of each financing at least 100 million yuan. Among them, ofo and Moebai financing early, the amount of financing is also the largest, in US dollars; small-ming bike, Youbai bike is still in the RMB financing stage.

The investment side not only Sequoia Capital, CITIC Industrial Fund and other well-known investment institutions into the blobs, millet, Tencent and other Internet giants have joined them, in addition, bike manufacturing enterprise Kaili Shi investment Ming small bicycle, the United States Mission founder Wang Hing's personal investment also joined in.

The drop as ofo's strategic investor, to Moaboo's largest rival ofo provided tens of millions of dollars in financing, and claimed that the future in the drops of APP is expected to experience the service directly toof. Interestingly, as a drop of several rounds of investment side of Tencent, but now with the sub-station two teams, to invest in tens of millions of dollars in Morocco bicycle.

Can be seen is that these capital bigwigs like to discuss the same good, that is now a good time to share a bicycle, so capital entry is imperative. And large-scale financing seems to have become a "war" ticket, financing war is not the end of the current signs of fighting, but more and more players resolutely to approach, the capital market can be described as smoke.

Does the city really need so many shared bikes?

So many funds and platforms have entered the market share bicycles, then the current market, how many public bicycles? City demand is really so big?

Data show that from 2008 to now, permanently in Shanghai has invested a total of 2000 sites 50,000 bicycles; the next year, UOB will be starting from Shanghai, 52 cities in the country put 2.8 million bicycles, of which the main CBD and CBD will be put into priority. At the same time, excellent worship will be "school" to cooperate in the campus incubator "school bike", the occupation of the campus market. However, it is placed in front of the worship of the campus started of the "big mountain"; media statistics, Mo worship, ofo and Xiao Ming bike a total of 10 million units of the scale. So so many bicycles really get all the full use of it?

According to experts, to determine the capacity of a city to meet the number of cycling, with the number of resident population divided by 150-200 is a more scientific calculation. In this case, Guangzhou, for example, according to the latest population in Guangzhou in 2016 the number of statistics, the resident population of more than 13.5 million to calculate, up to accommodate nearly 90,000 the number of bicycles. But according to media reports, by the end of this year, Guangzhou will have at least 160,000 to share the cycle. So many cars, which put ah?

Coupled with the right way by the bike, air quality and other factors, sharing the bike is not so popular imagination.

In this regard, ofo responsible person LiZeKun said, the city has the number of cycling cordon, more than the cordon, on the one hand will result in waste of production capacity, on the other hand will result in urban space congestion. He believes that the simple delivery is not shared economy, the stock market, cycling, the user's bicycle "link" up, is the real sharing of the economy, but also for the city to save space and improve efficiency.

"The sharing of bicycles is related to the number of users and the output of vehicles. If the amount of users is not large and the amount of users is more, it will only cause waste," Cao said.

If one day, wait until the investment and the topic of the storm in the past, the major cities will not be discarded everywhere the bike are not allowed to say.

Sharing the Future of Bicycles

In addition to the above mentioned shared cycling may face problems such as waste, but also faced with a number of existing problems, such as parking, vehicle damage, profit difficulties, difficult to monitor and so on.

Speaking of vehicle damage, we have to mention the nature of shared cycling. In fact, in the final analysis, shared cycling mode is essentially a time-sharing lease economic model. Sharing here is really simple, involving only vehicles, not including drivers, which are currently sharing the bike and the network of about one of the important differences. However, it is because of the existence of the driver from the bicycle, bicycle management and use of these problems will exist, such as the vehicle was thrown into the river, the two-dimensional code was damaged, the bike moved home in the used car market and so on .

In this regard, it was said that the biggest enemy of cycling is not winter, but human nature. Ofo relevant responsible person said, from a large number of people to spontaneously damage the maintenance, the quality of people is gradually being evoked. I believe in the future, with the sharing of bicycles gradually become the standard among the city, more people will learn how to coexist with the shared bicycle friendly.

Shared cycling re-financing war needs really so big?

Ofo public relations officer Li Zekun said, will be the introduction of credit, points and other models, the chaos to stop the user to punish. Part of the cycling platform and Alipay has been to take sesame credit 650 points or more, you can completely avoid the deposit out of measures to alleviate these problems. In addition, the 58 city, go to the market network and a joint statement, is strictly prohibited to share second-hand sale of bicycles and so on to protect the shared bicycle.

As for profitability, the current timing is not mature enough. Such as the Mount Bike CEO Wang Xiaofeng said: "We are still kept looking for investors, because there is no clear profit model, I hope others give me money, let me live, let us continue to develop, let us run Others quickly, and then together to find profit model, so when it comes to business projects, and now talk about earnings too early. "Can be said to say a lot of shared bicycle entrepreneurial aspirations.

But that's not to say that shared bicycles are not profitable. Tongji University Professor Zhu Dajian for the calculation of a single bike Mabai: each car can take a single day 4, the lowest income of 4 yuan a year down about 1,500 yuan, 3,000 yuan per bike in accordance with the cost of accounting, two years Can be back. According to this algorithm, ofo bicycle cost 300 yuan, three months can be back to this. Mabai life per bicycle for 4 years, ofo life of 6 months each. It seems the cost-life ratio is also the key to competition among companies. It is reported that Moab is the design cost of production of thousands of small blue car, but the official refused to disclose any information, it is not yet know how the specific life. Xiao Ming bike is independently designed and handed over by the Kailishi production of two models, the high-end version is also about a thousand dollars, low-end version of about 300 yuan.

As for the regulation, due to the special nature of the shared bicycle, leading to its regulation compared to the network car is particularly difficult. The growing number of shared bicycles can be described as a new challenge to urban management: these seem to be "chaotic stop" of the bike how to manage? For more government-led stock of public bicycle system, they are "enemies and friends"?

In this regard, December 15, the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau Deputy Secretary Yu Lie held at the traffic remediation press conference revealed that Shanghai will study the introduction of shared non-motor vehicle management approach. At present, the reform of Shanghai public security traffic police service mechanism is one of the elements of the team, that is, law enforcement officers at the grass-roots level, law enforcement forces and social related departments, personnel and law enforcement linkage, and urban management department linkage, specifically for the parking of the bicycle Of the parking line, such as the municipal government entrance, parking is very neat bicycle. If the cycling offense, the operating company itself will start the internal credit points system constraints.

Therefore, although the shared bicycle is facing many problems in one way or another, however, sharing bicycles in any case is a new force in the shared economic field, worthy of recognition. With the sharing of bicycle facilities continue to improve the corresponding reasonable parking, standard road, etc., I believe in the future, with the sharing of bicycles gradually become the standard among the city, more people will learn how to coexist with the shared bicycle friendly.

Liu Yuanju, a researcher at the Shanghai Institute of Finance and Law, says that for entrepreneurs in the shared economy, the purification of the market environment and the development of user awareness and behavior patterns require the concerted efforts of all participants. Both the need for strict self-discipline, but also need to jointly supervise and clean up the shared economic model of trading environment.