Bike Sharing System

February 29, shared bicycle industry leader ofo officially announced to enter Kunming. It is 

understood that the Kunming "Kaesong" the biggest bright spot is that, in addition to the subway 

along the bus station and the delivery of shared cycling outside, the main city will also be the 

main business district, office buildings, community cooperation in the designated area quantitative

run shared bicycle . Ofo will also continue to cooperate with enterprises in Kunming, for employees

to provide car concessions, so that "ofo shared bicycle + subway" commuters enjoy a convenient, 

cost-effective travel services.

Kunming put the first batch of small yellow car 60,000 machine learning guide scientific operation 

and maintenance

Kunming, the person in charge of this work will be put into the work of Kunming, the characteristics 

of the public through the analysis of user behavior data, specific point of delivery, etc., with 

machine learning to guide operation and maintenance scheduling, and gradually accelerated to 

Kunming before the Spring Festival, Put 60,000 small yellow car, and will quickly expand the scope 

of operations to the second ring within the main region, and finally cover the Kunming city.

From October 11 Beijing, Shanghai officially entered the city began, ofo city development speed 

significantly accelerated, only 2 months, to expand the seven cities, with an average of "10 days 

a city" to accelerate the pace of expansion of the layout , The current coverage of the city has 

reached 26.

The future of urban white-collar workers in Kunming can not only ride a small yellow car to get off 

work, but also to a small yellow car to go shopping, shopping, about meals, 1 to 3 km of travel is 

no longer a burden. The future, ofo will also provide more urban residents to share bicycle services.

Ofo leads the sharing bicycle innovation to help the Kunming to create "the regional international 


Enjoy the "Spring City" reputation of Kunming, is working to build China's open to the southwest of

the regional international city. In addition to economic development, population, innovation and 

other assessment indicators, how to enhance the capacity of urban services, but also test the level

of urban managers an important indicator, it is an effective means to enhance the competitiveness 

of cities.

With the "small yellow car" entry, ofo bicycle sharing in the innovative business model and 

philosophy, will comprehensively help the city to enhance service capabilities. Ofo Kunming will 

introduce the "city sharing" plan, to absorb the city residents of idle bicycles in Kunming, Beijing

, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xiamen, after opening the "city sharing" program, , Upgrading,

 put into use, to promote urban cycling sharing, saving more space in the city.

Up to now, ofo the amount of orders on more than 1.8 million, becoming the Taobao, Lynx, the US 

group, hungry Mody, Jingdong, drops, easy to word of mouth, the ninth day of China orders over one 

million Internet Platform, has 26 cities nationwide to provide more than 65 million travel services,

and will soon Silicon Valley in the United States, London and other regions to start operations.

Analysis of the industry, said the city to accelerate expansion means that the capacity of supply 

chain capacity and capacity are ready. Combined with the "scientific increment, revitalize the stock,"

the light operating mode, the advantages of advantages brought about by the supply chain cost advantages

 and comfortable riding experience, ofo "light run" competitive advantage, will help its future industry 

competition Continue to maintain a competitive advantage. While Kunming will also become the representative

 of the city in the international operation.