Bike-sharing Will Be Better And Better

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Unconsciously, shared bicycle in people's lives become ubiquitous, such as cell door, supermarket 

door, office in front of the subway ... ... share the most typical application of cycling scene is 

short-distance travel. For example, from a cell door to the mouth of the subway is only about 1.5 

km distance, but the walk is too slow, so the bus is too time-consuming, taxi and too costly, 

private operators "three jumping child" and unsafe, and shared Cycling not only save time and money,

 fully demonstrated its main advantage of convenience. Because of this, more and more people become

 a shared bicycle "iron powder." Accordingly, the sharing of bicycles has become the field of 

mobile Internet nowadays the hottest field, showing the capital blitz, competing into the bustling 

scene, a time to share the number of bicycles App more than 20, and dominate the major application 

stores . For example, the Mobike App in the last month of Apple's application store list that is 

beyond the drop of travel, railway 12306 and other popular applications, in the free application 

category in the first place. However, it is undeniable that the new bike shared in bringing 

convenience to people at the same time, also created new problems, such as random parking, security 

risks, need to constantly improve in the development of their own, become better. In fact, just 

2016 years before the development of bicycles to share the first year, the real competition and 

pattern division will appear in 2017, when the shared bicycle service will undoubtedly become more 

mature. So, from the current status quo, shared bicycles to bring convenience to people at the same

 time, what problems need to be resolved? The competition in this market, Competition, what is it?

Technology: Smart lock PK mechanical lock

If the 2017 shared bicycle market war will continue, then the key to sharing bike technology - smart

 lock, the industry will start a lot of Competition.

As a well-known intelligent shared bicycle platform, Mobike to develop intelligent lock. 

Motorcycle bikes CEO Wang Xiaofeng recently revealed in an interview, as early as in 2015, Mobike

 has begun to develop smart locks, the current car on the use of circular locking a variety of

 communication modules, almost equivalent to a cell phone. Each time the user unlocks the code is 

actually through the "narrowband networking" signal to the smart car lock on the SIM card, received

 the command after the car lock will automatically open. It is thanks to this smart lock, so Mo Bi 

cycle able to carry out precise positioning of each vehicle, and can be more user-related data 


Shared bicycle platform ofo uses a completely different technical route, in order to lower the cost

 to seize the market, ofo shared bicycle mainly mechanical lock, which makes the cost of each 

shared bicycle becomes very low, is conducive to a large number of inputs in the short term Cycling

 to quickly seize the market. However, do not have intelligent positioning function of the 

mechanical lock is exposed a lot of hidden dangers, such as the vehicle can not locate, easier to 

unlock the vehicle to be hiding and so on.

Shared bicycle mode is being recognized by more and more users today, sharing the value of bicycle 

data is becoming increasingly prominent. A growing number of shared bicycle platforms recognize 

that the use of bicycles will generate a large amount of data that will not only serve as a 

reference for optimizing bicycle users in the future, but may also spawn other business models. 

Therefore, research and development for their own products, intelligent lock is becoming a major 

shared bicycle platform, an important goal.

"The future of all shared bicycles must choose to use the smart car with GPS lock", the strategic 

significance of the smart lock, Wang Xiaofeng made the judgment. We have reason to believe that in 

2017 will share the smart bicycle lock competition will intensify. (Yellow croaker)

Innovation: Make your bike more personal

Sharing bicycles, just to meet the needs of travel? the answer is negative. In addition to travel, 

the riding experience, cool appearance, features and more to highlight the individual elements, and

 gradually become a new competitive, but also opened a new era of shared bicycles 2.0.

Sharing a bad bike ride, which is probably the first time it was encountered when the biggest 

criticism of the. For example, a "long legs Ouba" on the Tucao: "share a bicycle seat so low, riding

 a strenuous." Faced with these problems related to cycling experience, shared bicycle participants

 are actively resolved, and then to create their own unique competitiveness. Among them, through 

the design of bicycles rather than centralized procurement to solve the way more and more 

manufacturers. Such as small blue bicycles and bikes. Yee Yi, CEO, said the public bike should be 

easy to maintain, and less maintenance features, so no inflatable tires, frames, paint, cushion, 

handlebar, foot and other materials require a higher durability; To meet the "very light ride, the 

appearance of a relatively fashionable" requirements, because "some high-end crowd is more concerned

 about the experience of riding experience and the appearance of cool effect, and one or two of the 

rental fee is not sensitive." With him The concept of matching, Youbai bike walk in the forefront 

of personalization.

In order to make the sharing of bicycles more personalized, ubai bicycle in mid-December last year 

released the "Mars (Mars)" the latest bike, not only built a three-speed transmission system, and 

the first carbon fiber belt drive system into a shared bicycle . Among them, the carbon fiber belt 

drive than the chain drive transmission efficiency is higher, does not occur "lost chain" of the 

situation, but also does not appear chain oil dirty trousers embarrassment, so that riding becomes 

lighter; three-speed variable speed functional design , You can make the user in different road 

conditions to find the most comfortable riding rhythm, even if the petite girls, but also can cope 

with different road conditions. (pigeon)

Safety: Regulation and protection are imminent

These light-hearted "small yellow" and "small green" in the people to travel to the "last mile" to 

bring convenience but often "injured", which is why? How to regulate them, and how to protect them "

healthy growth"?

Share cycling repeated bad luck is not news. There will be cycling tires cut off, "explore" tire is 

not solid; there will be cycling on the roadside, piled mountain; there will be bicycle GPS system 

damage, take home; and even the bicycle from the upstairs , Or "dumping eight pieces of" ... ... 

these on the bike full of malicious come from?

First of all, the low quality of some people is undeniable reason. Cutting tires, take home and 

other acts undoubtedly reflects the part of the human moral standards and legal awareness is 

extremely low; Secondly, it is clear that the sharing of the bike has been moving some of the 

cheese. Traditional bicycles, electric vehicle industry and its related industries as the shared 

bicycle as the "thorn", strongly obstruct and undermine the normal development of cycling, they do 

not allow bicycles from their bowl a share, so the more bicycles to bring convenience, The more 

they will be their jealousy; Finally, there is one reason can not be ignored, that is, those who 

seem reasonable reason, they claim to share the bicycle chaos stop, "occupation of urban roads to 

carry out business activities", so without any explanation will be shared bicycle all take away.

Because of this, the specification and protection of shared bicycles is imminent. Chaos stop and 

take the motor vehicle lane is the fact that, in addition to intentional saboteurs, as well as the 

user is not high quality caused, so users should abide by the rules and effectively maintain the 

image of cycling in order to ensure their future but also There is a bicycle "to enjoy"; for the 

lack of parking spaces, managers can draw a legal area for bicycle parking, the space than the 

motor vehicle. Regulate cycling at the same time, we must crack down on illegal acts of sabotage, 

encourage cycling platform to the sabotage claims, the formation of legal deterrent. Today, 

standard cycling and the protection of cyclists, is to protect every citizen the right to travel 

tomorrow. (Le Shu)

Supervision: electric bicycle into the Council "meet resistance"

Although the sharing of bicycles to meet the needs of people short trips, but there are still three 

kilometers can not solve the fatigue of riding a "flawed", but at this time, aiming at the needs of

 ten kilometers to share the electric bicycle came.

Sharing electric bicycles and not only share the same bicycle through the App that is also by the 

borrower, and the price is almost the same with the shared bicycle, it seems, whether it is within 

a short distance of 3 km or 3-10 km in the distance, Great advantage. But just a on-line, sharing 

electric bicycle on the "resistance", which shared electric vehicles on the road "right of way" and

 charging difficult to become the biggest problem.

A few days ago, "7 motorcycles" in Shenzhen Nanshan District has just been put on a Shenzhen people'

s complaints, the Shenzhen Municipal Traffic Police Bureau said: sharing motorcycles on the line in 

violation of the Shenzhen City, the relevant laws and regulations. In this regard, "No. 7 motorcycle

" that will be in 2 days, all put in Nanshan District, more than 400 bicycles to recover. In 

accordance with the provisions of Shenzhen, 90% of the road is nothing more than motor vehicles, 

not suitable for the development of electric bicycles. In fact, not only in Shenzhen, in the "north 

wide" first-tier cities such as the central area, have prohibited electric bicycle regulations. 

Therefore, the current share of the main areas of electric bicycles concentrated in the campus, 

tourist attractions and second and third tier cities and other relatively small fixed range.

In addition to the operating area is limited, the charging problem is shared electric bicycle needs

 to be solved. At present, one mode is when the vehicle is low, the maintenance staff will receive 

an alarm, and then through the car GPS to find the vehicle, and then give the vehicle to a large 

number of operating costs. Electric bicycles replaced with fully charged battery in advance; another

model is the delineation of virtual parking or parking spots recommended, allowing users to park 

the vehicle in a relatively fixed area to facilitate maintenance. (Su Xiao)

Competitiveness: Consider the advantages of localization

Relative to the network about the vehicle platform does not participate in the operation of the 

vehicle, sharing the same share of the cycle of cycling but also consider the operation of the 

bicycle itself, so the need to combine local characteristics to carry out business. For example, 

in such a mountain city of Chongqing, cycling business is popular? In the cold winter in the north,

 in the rainy summer in the south how to carry out the service? In different types of large and 

medium-sized cities, consumer demand, what is the same characteristics? These issues need to be 

fully considered and studied as they mature into operational maturity.

Motorcycle bikes CEO Wang Xiaofeng clearly pointed out that he will be based around the climate, 

GDP, population density and other factors to determine the delivery of a market and services. 

Recently, Mo Bi cycle large-scale presence in Kunming, why choose such a level of development is 

also lagging behind the eastern part of the city also prioritized the development of business, Mobike 

worship is to consider a number of local factors. Kunming selected 2016 the country's most 

congested TOP10 city, the main city population, under construction more subway, road traffic 

situation is quite dissatisfied. So it is very suitable for cycling + subway and cycling + bus 

travel mode, and the Kunming seasons such as spring, no haze, which formed all-weather travel needs.

 Kunming, general manager of riding bikes, said Qiu Zhongjie, it is these factors make Kunming an 

important target city.

The same is in Yunnan, for the characteristics of tourist cities, Mo worship plans in Dali, Lijiang

 and other small cities also introduced a shared bicycle. This is also the result of localization 

considerations, travel time is relatively free, bike travel for leisure, stop and go is relatively 

convenient, so although the city is a small volume, but also to find a market.

Of course, localization operations also need to consider more details, such as pricing strategy, 

then the choice of models and so on. In Beijing, ofo teachers and students within one hour of hair 

5 ordinary people within 1 hour of 1 yuan differentiation policy, will be able to attract more 

users, while highlighting the enterprise's humanistic care. In the upcoming European and American 

markets, ofo small yellow car will also be based on European and American people's body size, custom 

and other custom-made larger size of the bike.

In short, the details determine success or failure, in the relatively low threshold of access to 

the shared bicycle market, localization is characterized by a decisive battle operation of a magic 

weapon, it is worth carefully carved. (Riverside)

Success Mystery:

For users

"Suddenly, such as a night of spring, thousands of trees million pear tree open." Use this poem to 

describe the present shared bicycle market, it seems more appropriate.

Share the hot cycling, it is worth the industry to seriously consider some. Objectively speaking, 

the concept of shared bicycle is not innovative, it is in Beijing as early as the "N" years ago has

 launched a public bike service is very similar. However, the latter after the initial people 

cheered because of inconvenience and eventually was left out in the street. So, different fate come


The answer is simple. Sharing bicycle as a market-oriented products, in the face of fierce market 

competition, has taken all the user needs from the start of the business philosophy, and constantly

 based on user needs and changes, and take the initiative to adjust their business strategy and 

product design. Public bicycle service is just the opposite, users need to go with the policy to 

get services, the whole process that is quite strenuous. For example, have to go to designated 

locations for car rental card, and only the designated time can handle; want to know where to rent 

a bike, can only rely on luck, there is no convenient way to query ... ...

Comparison of two, compete with the legislation. Market-oriented operation of the shared bicycle, 

the ultimate goal is to profit, and to profit, we must please the user, which is driving the shared

 bicycle more and more perfect, more and more mature fundamental power. Because of this, the need 

to share the bicycle line services, but also presents a mobile Internet applications with rapid 

iterative features: the user reflects the seat is too low, so there are participants to introduce 

the seat adjustable bicycle; users The user reflects the need to improve the riding experience, so 

there are participants to introduce a three-speed transmission function; users reflect the lack of 

shared bicycle baskets, so there is participation in the car to participate in the game, The 

introduction of the basket with a basket of goods ... ... this example is constantly staged, the 

end result is clearly "is served by a comfortable user" become a shared bicycle "iron powder."

For new things continue to emerge, the trend of changing the mobile Internet, the "change for the 

user" is the same truth. Indeed, today's shared bicycle there are many such or that problems need 

to be addressed, but in the face of its real benefits to the user, the existence of the problem is

 only to provide a continuous upward momentum, the share of cycling is bound to change in the 

competition Better.

For the first year of development has been through the sharing of bicycles, the upcoming 2017 Ebb 

Tide is clearly worth looking forward to, and we believe that the left must be positive "for the 

user and change" participants.