Bike with a "brain", intelligent Chinese-made bicycle become the "national good goods"

Smart bicycle market be? Added to enhance the science and technology of intelligent vehicle accessories, it is bound to make the price rise of smart bike, one on the 28th car exhibition goods, the price of all cars in a thousand dollars, top with some models even reached million level. On the amount of walking, this is undoubtedly a low brand awareness for these smart start-ups have a great cycling test.

Faced with pressure, most manufacturers have chosen to put their focus on the line, pre-sale by way of sale of products, while electricity supplier channels spread online, cooperation and China-made quality Taobao channel system It is one of them. "The concept of intelligent products are presented on the Internet, we use the concept of community culture in addition to seed users, such as through the quality of Chinese-made such a distribution platform to increase user traffic, so that consumers recognize the quality of products, experience the identity of the product in order to better to attract our target consumers. "said Wang Zhijun geeks.

In fact, in the field of smart products, there are feelings of light is not enough support, intelligent cycling as a new thing, highlighting the traditional industry of innovative, intelligent cycling sought after by venture capital, not just the value of its property how science and technology cool and subversive, and hope this series of product launches, to build a healthy enough quality chain and strong enough market-oriented enough to change people's riding habits.

Currently, only gathered more than a dozen outstanding independent bike brand in the Chinese-made quality a channel quality Chinese-made also want to gather together these brands join forces to build a new bike industry ecosystem.

In this regard, China-made mass marketing expert rock Chuan also said that the future will continue through the project roadshow display, and "Taobao live", and other forms of communication, to demonstrate compliance with the "national good goods" quality standards to the quality of customer and consumers product reshape consumer awareness "national good goods" for the smart cycling and so on.