Bluegogo Don't Consider Earn Money At Beginning

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December 13, 2016, bluegogo bike officially announced landing in Guangzhou. It is reported that Guangzhou is a small blue bike second landing city, the next stop will be Chengdu.

Sharing the bike is around a set of "conquering" style burnout layout war, but the profit model is not clear. For this point, sharing the bicycle business is also no cover. Recently, Mobike cycling CEO Wang Xiaofeng face the media, bluntly "do not know how to make money"; December 13, small blue cycling CEO Li Gang also publicly said, "We are doing a very good thing, even if not consider What about profitability?

IResearch analyst Li Hao told the "Daily Economic News" reporter, at this stage of operation and profitability is difficult, early can not talk about profit, but in the operation of the most critical to solve the cost problem.

This year the domestic sharing of bicycles ushered in the outbreak period, many "players" continued influx. In mid-November, the smart sports cycling brand "Beast Riding" announced the acquisition of 150 million yuan B round of financing, part of the financing for the sharing of bicycles, the establishment of an independent brand bluegogo (small blue cycling) operation, and on November 22 to choose Shenzhen is the first landing city.

"Daily Economic News" reporter on December 13 from the small blue cycling learned that the small blue bicycle has been put on the evening of November 30 in Guangzhou, as of now has been trying to invest more than 8,000 vehicles in Guangzhou, is expected to be completed before the end of 50,000 Car.


In Guangzhou, the small blue bike belongs to the later, before this, Mobike, ofo and many other enterprises have landed layout. In the field of shared bicycles, first-tier cities of the melee has been opened.

(Cycling, ofo, etc.), Internet giants (Ali, Tencent, drops, etc.), the traditional cycling manufacturer (permanent), the new generation of cars, Wait).

Wang Xiaofeng in an interview with the media publicly acknowledged, "now do not know how to make money," "because there is no clear profit model, I hope someone give me money, let me live." Li December 13 also publicly said that now Talk about profit, more is doing products. "We added the user quickly, we are doing a user is like things, is a very good and very meaningful thing. Even if not consider the profit, how can?"

Li Gang told reporters that the industry is not a problem of money, more importantly, by the overall product design, supply chain and operation. He believes that sharing the bicycle industry next year or the end of the year will meet the outcome, part of the brand sharing cycle will be lost.

Li Hao believes that the early development of the user access is more important, are the stage of exploration, you can talk about money first. In operation, the need to address the most critical is the cost.

"Because at this stage most of the enterprises need to build their own car to the market, not entirely pure sharing model, coupled with a large part of the user experience is easy to use cars, easy to have more cars, more cost to the car up. And then the vehicle maintenance, damage is also a large piece of funds, so the early capital investment is certainly relatively large. "Li Hao said.

In addition, the reporter noted that relative to the previous network about a taxi, sharing a bicycle business into a city is often through the establishment of strategic cooperation with the local government model.

Small blue cycling vice president Hu Yu said in an interview with reporters that all new things should not be brutal growth, should comply with government regulations, "if there is no government support, rush into, may encounter a variety of problems "