British Authorities Approved The Merger Swing And Chain Reaction

British antitrust authorities have approved the proposed merger and swing chain reaction period, the two companies are expected to soon complete the merger.

UK Competition and Market Authority on Thursday approved the proposed merger.

In a press release, the swing, said the combined company will be called WiggleCRC. Each site and brand will continue to expand its product range and infrastructure.

"Business with you and after the merger, which will have more than 300 m £ ($ 400 mil US) in revenue will be better in the competition growing global online marketplace for cycling, running, swimming, and three sports products and accessories "Weigel said.

WiggleCRC by Brian McBride chaired by Stefan Baden management, as CEO. Chris Watson, a chain reaction cycle current managing director, will be sitting in the boat, it will be a significant shareholder.

In a joint statement, Barton and Watson said, "Together, swing and bicycle sports enthusiasts and deep background and expertise, running, swimming and chain reaction cycle three movements of" first-class team that will form the basis for the establishment of a global championship. "