Does Bike Sharing Stationless Can Make Money?

"So many bicycles, Mobike how profitable?" The reason why people pay special attention to Mobike 

profitability, the most important reason is that its purchase of a bike is itself a huge visible 

expenditure. The same pattern of different drops, Mobike worship since the purchase of vehicles to 

run,in fact, a higher profitability requirements of the "heavy asset-sharing model."

In public, Mo Baigao officials for its profit model has been closely guarded secret. Mobike worship CEO

 Wang Xiaofeng has said that they are not mature profit model, do not consider profitability. 

Mobike in the efforts to climb from the foot of the mountain, until the mountain or the Peak, and 

the environment is different, different perspectives, it will explore the profit model." Wang 

Xiaofeng said.

Currently, Mobike is still the largest source of funding financing, the amount of at least 300 

million US dollars. However, the operation of the current situation of Mobike worship point of view, 

the profitability of the way has also begun to take shape.

The first is the user to pay the deposit. And Alipay prepaid, Mobike deposit will be long-term 

retention in the Mobike worship account. This means that, as long as there is no large-scale refund of 

the deposit situation, the funds will be in a steady state of long-term growth. Jinan City, for 

example, if a bicycle can attract five people registered, then only the contribution of the public 

on the 15 million yuan in Jinan deposit.

For this huge sum of money, the state may introduce policies to regulate their use of action. But 

throwing away its investment income, the money itself also provides valuable cash flow. In other 

words, although Moabai use of free assets, but to a certain extent, it will cost to the user.

Second, the user will have to use the cost of cycling. This fee does not seem high, but it is also 

considerable when multiplied by the number of hours of use of a city every day. In addition, body 

advertising and APP advertising, but also the recent profitability can be achieved. Looking ahead, 

Mobike also hopes to profit from the sale of customer data, integration of other industries and 

other methods, but it seems too far away.

Of course, for Mobike such new things, control costs even more important than looking for profit. 

Can continue to depress the cost of cycling, cycling can extend the average life of one year or at 

least a few months, whether to increase customer retention deposit deposit, etc., have decided this

 new type of shared economic survival and development.