Domestic Shared Bicycles Sounded The Horn Of Global Integration! Bluegogo Coming

Sharing economy refers to a new economic model based on strangers and temporary transfer of the 

right to use the goods for the purpose of obtaining certain remuneration. Its essence is the 

integration of resources under the line. Such sharing is more through the Internet as a medium to 

achieve. But with the birth of the Internet of Things, shared economy has also undergone some 

changes, such as shared bicycle is one of them. Speaking of shared cycling, people will think of is

 currently popular in major cities of the small yellow car (ofo shared bicycle) and small orange 

car (Mount Bike), the saying goes that there will be two tigers compete for an injury. This is

 worth seeing, and now there are upsets: small blue bicycle (English Bluegogo). In the already 

shared bike brand has almost two monopoly of the industry, the small blue bike on what basis to 

spoiler? This should start with its background.

Beast riding CEO: Gang (small blue bicycle co-founder)

Small blue bicycle COO: Sun Ye

At the beginning of 2015, Li Gang, who was in charge of the 360 key project, led the team to launch

 the cycling app "Beast Ride", combining the user's behavior with the social elements. Through the 

"movement record, brush data, fight row" and other modules to boring exercise and fitness 

activities become more interesting.

In Li Gang's view, bicycles can be a good solution to white-collar groups because of lack of 

exercise caused by the "obesity problem", while they can meet the efficiency of short-distance 

travel problems. Plus about 150 million sports bikes around the world (China has about 20 million),

 while the country has vigorously promote the development of the sports industry, the above for the

 development of intelligent bicycle industry provides favorable conditions.

If you want to do bike sharing system stationless like Mobike or bluegogo, you can contact with me


Phone:+86 181 0028 0527 

Compared to domestic and foreign mature bicycle manufacturing industry chain, APP and intelligent 

control in the eyes of Li Gang is a "smart bike" core or soul, they can give any ordinary bike 

intelligent function .

The relationship between beast riding and small blue

"Little Blue Bicycle" is a wholly owned subsidiary of Beast Riding. At present, Beast Ride provides

 hardware production for "Little Blue Bicycle" through its own factory and strategic supply chain 


Beast riding in the end is what kind of business?

Beast Riding is an internet company focused on riding sports. Through the excellent design, 

first-class technology, outstanding service to create a touch of intelligent sports products, to 

give users a new global sports lifestyle. The enterprise brings together the world's top software,

 hardware talent, industry background covers the Internet, bicycles, strategic consulting and other

 fields. Has more than 20 years of bicycle research and development and production experience. 

Through the combination of hardware and software Transtech Services technology, the old bike 

industry to a new platform for things, to create the most healthy lifestyle, travel mode.

Beasts riding a brilliant moment

2015-03: Beast Ride Get True Angel Fund 1 million angel investment. Beast Riding APP release, the 

main ride records, data & Mito share, riding list, riding line travel and other functions.

2015-07: beast riding get 50 million yuan of A round of financing, by Kai-fu Lee's innovation 

factory collar vote, Xu Xiaoping's real fund with the vote.

2016-03: Beast riding a $ 30 million A + round of financing, led by the new dynamic Jinding Fund. 

Also released three SPEEDX series fever-class smart bike, including mountain bike MUSTANG, road 


2016-11: Beast riding to obtain 150 million yuan of the B round of financing, plans to set up an 

independent brand Bulegogo (Chinese name small blue bicycle).

2017-01: January 25, 2017, a small blue bike log in the United States San Francisco Bay Area 

(including San Francisco, Oakland, San Jose, Silicon Valley and other places).

Small blue bicycle once the "listing" to put Henzhao, strokes fatal, strokes strong!

Small blue bicycle since it is a "spoiler", the hands of two brushes is absolutely not work. Can 

be a small blue bike happens to have six "brush", its bright enough to pocketed the eye.

1, small blue bicycle suspension performance in the shared bicycle products in the most powerful:

The small blue bicycle tire rubber tire + PU solid inner tube combination (patented technology), 

which combines the durability and comfort, not to worry about inflatable tire puncture problem, but

also more comfortable than the solid tire shock absorber. High-strength aluminum alloy wheels with 

stainless steel spokes, the ability to absorb the ground bump better. This is better than the Moab

 bike solid tires and five-spoke magnesium alloy wheel wheel shock absorber is more excellent.

2, small blue bicycle brake stability in the shared bicycle products in the highest:

Small blue bicycle front brake is the hub built-in brake, rear brake is a roller brake, with 

explosion-proof, good braking characteristics, stability is also very high. The Mubai bicycle brake is used before the ordinary drum brake, brake electromagnetic brake, if the wire is short or no electricity, the rear brake will fail, so the stability is far better than the small blue bicycle high.

3, small blue bicycle in the sharing of cycling products in the riding experience the most effort:

Small blue bike with 6061 aluminum alloy production, the overall weight of 15KG, the intensity of 

performance compared to Mo Bi cycle to enhance 1.5 times the weight of light compared to Moebay 

bike about half! Small blue cycling to adapt to the city in a variety of riding scenes, encountered

 gentle slope will not step on very hard to use, more light and comfortable to use.

4, small blue bicycle with the most humane products in the shared design:

Small blue bike with highly adjustable seat tube, the seat with Italian SelleRoyal brand, large 

and comfortable silicone cushions, an area of more large, seat padding more soft, riding can also 

bring a very comfortable feel. Its car-bearing weight is 25KG, very practical, the set of people's 

palm-type, with 60 ° soft green plastic, with the friction texture, grip comfortable, easy to slip.

 Whether it is load, ride comfort or grip on the comfort of the small blue bike are at the forefront.

5, small blue bicycle in the shared bicycle products in the fastest unlocking:

Small blue bicycle using more advanced software algorithms, coupled with innovative structural 

design, optimize the GPS signal to its precise positioning, 3 seconds to quickly unlock the results

 of the sweep of the opponent Wang Cheng, car efficiency second to none.

6, the minimum cost of riding a small blue bicycle:

Ofo unlocking a dollar, worshiping half an hour and 5 cents and a dollar, while the small blue half

 hour 5 angle. Because cycling are relatively close distance, distance relative to teach less 

customer groups account for the main. So the most cost-effective small blue bicycle.

Written in the last: It is reported that Shenzhen has 15,000 small blue bicycle in use, Li Gang 

plans to expand a city every 15 days, during the year put a total of 200,000. He said the small 

blue bicycle currently has 10% of the global bike production capacity, annual capacity of 3 million

 -500 million, to leveraging so many supply chain for the manufacture of small blue bicycle, which 

is unprecedented. At present, not only in the small blue bicycle in Shenzhen, the "originator" 

mustering the awkward, but also in the multinational market has also been cut a striking figure. 

According to the January 11 message, small blue bicycle has been in the United States to form the 

team, part of the staff has been in place, small blue bicycle operations vice president Hu Yu 

boiling has also confirmed the news, and revealed that the first batch of small blue bicycle from 

China Shipped to the United States, the future will be small blue bicycle factory in the United 

States, the United States directly in the production of small blue bicycle, in the future, small 

blue bicycle will be universal. From this, the small blue bicycle from the product Bunsen not only 

made innovation, but also in the product development is also covered with a more broad prospects of

the road.