Free Use On Weekend About Mobike An Ofo

Do you have a free bike ride this weekend?

23 evening, the reporter received a text message to remind, Mobike cycle February 24 to 26 days 3 

days free of charge; just separated for half a day, ofo SMS reminders also show that immediately 

to February 26 at 24 o'clock, the national small yellow car Free ride

In fact, this is not the first time since the launch of free riding activities, since last year in 

December, theo has launched a "free star riding a" event, free of charge every Monday; Some, this 

week, Mobike was in Beijing and Shanghai test water free riding activities.

Mobike and ofo set off free battle drainage effect ok?

In fact, this is not the first time since the launch of free riding activities, since last year in 

December, theo has launched a "free star riding a" event, free of charge every Monday; Some, this 

week, Mobike was in Beijing and Shanghai test water free riding activities.

This time, the two leading bicycle companies in less than half a day have launched a free ride 

activities, in the same time to start a positive confrontation, the smell of gunpowder seems 


Free ride target for drainage?

The novelty of free riding is that the free strategy is used in the new bike, but the free strategy

itself is not new. "Free ride in fact or before the car when the price war mode, relying on 

preferential activities to achieve the purpose of drainage." Analysys International travel analyst 

Zhang Xu said.

Ereli analyst Shi Rui told reporters that free riding on the registration of the user's degree of 

activity will have a certain role in the promotion, to a certain extent, wake up the low-frequency 

users; In addition, the free ride for the market coincidence of the user Into the meaning of 

independent users is relatively larger.

To ofoo, for example, the normal car price of 1 yuan / hour, and the motor car prices due to 

different models are divided into two, one 0.5 yuan / half an hour, the second is 1 yuan / half an 

hour, then, large-scale Does the free activity mean large-scale spending?

"Enterprises in this area is not large, for the enterprise, the loss is only the fare, but in fact,

 no matter which bicycle business, at this stage are not relying on fares to live." Zhang Xu that 

the car era Of the free activities burned a lot of money investors, but the bicycle business burned 

more money is used in the car above.

Zhang Xu told reporters that the same is to drain, sharing the bike's free activities is not 

necessarily than the car's free activities to bring the flow of good results. "Because the cyclist 

is very low, even if the user to give concessions, he participated in this event by the degree of 

attraction is reduced.

"Basically, the input-output ratio of the problem, the enterprise lost the number of fares and how 

many active users, they will be based on this judgment whether the free activities to continue to 

promote it." Zhang Xu that, whether it is, Free riding activities also need to consider more.

Shi Rui told reporters that free riding for non-registered users of the conversion is relatively 

limited, non-registered users do not use the bike App may be because of the deposit, no riding 

habits and other reasons, these are not free riding a measure can be resolved problem.

The reporter tried to contact with ofo to learn more about the details of free riding, but as of 

press time, not yet get the other reply; Mobike side told reporters that the free ride is the 

cooperation between the government and China Merchants Bank (600036, shares it) One, the future 

will have more details of the cooperation announced.

Where is the competitive landscape?

In the reporter's impression, the end of last year, the number of streets in Beijing is not much, 

and occasionally want to use the car is not convenient, but after years, the number of the 

emergence of a large-scale growth. It is noteworthy that recently, a small blue bike bluegogo also 

began to enter the streets of Beijing.

And in Guangzhou, Shenzhen streets, sharing the bike competition seems to be fierce, the reporter 

once in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, noted that the street bicycle brand not only Mo Bai, ofo, there are 

small cycling and small blue cycling, and cycling in the local The use rate even higher than 


"At present, sharing the bike industry is the pattern of the two companies Duobao parallel to the 

two companies, followed by dozens of companies are trying to squeeze into the third." Turning to 

the current cycling industry competition, Zhang said.


Zhang Xu believes that including the two strong, but not only a large number of shared bicycle 

business, and the source of complex sources: some from the start-up type of Internet companies; 

there are old, the original bike rental business, is now also to the Internet transition , Such as 

Wing On; there are public bikes from the municipal system, such as Beijing.

Zhang Xu told reporters that the complexity of cycling business sources led to the cycling industry 

competition is more complex. "Internet startups should go far above the operating model, but 

nevertheless they do not find a suitable profit model now; municipal bikes are operated by the 

municipalities of the cities, and there is no profit pressure on such public bikes."

In addition, the traditional background of the bicycle business is also facing a certain problem. 

Zhang Xu believes that the original traditional enterprises in the beginning to do a relatively 

large volume, such as Yongan line, has been covered before a lot of cities, but such enterprises 

in the process of transformation of the Internet need to spend more effort, and the current From 

the traditional enterprises to transition to the Internet business success stories are not many.

It is noteworthy that, recently, there are comments that sharing the cycling business has become 

increasingly fierce competition has lost the meaning of sharing the bike. Zhang Xu believes that 

the reason why there are a lot of shared bicycle companies, mainly by the concept of speculation 

and capital boost, "But we can not say that the industry because of the entry of more enterprises, 

its essence is gone, its essence Still exist, the model has not fundamentally changed.