How Mobike To Got Profit

The most talked about in 2017 is to share bicycles, the most talked about is the "shared economy": what is the sharing of cars, sharing umbrellas, shared rechargeable treasure, sharing bicycles and so on. In the end, these shared economies are highly praised by all and have also become very hot. So in the end these shared economy to make money it, in the end what way to profit? I believe everyone has everyone's views and understand Xiaobian also have their own views and understand the inadequacies, please entertain a lot.

Share a bike

First, one of the shared bicycle profit model: user margin.

Why share cycling Why, why can get a lot of investors and pro blind? In fact, Xiaobian that should be the user's margin, but also directed at the user's margin to go. In fact, the so-called shared economy, the so-called shared bicycle, is a fund-raising model, a means of raising funds only. Just put this pattern of fund-raising, this means of raising funds put it very tall, called: "shared economy", "sharing era."

Why do banks ask users to save money? This way of saving money is also a disguised form of "margin"; why insurance should call users to buy insurance? This model is also a variation of the "margin"; why Taobao Ali together, he inside the user, the merchant margin also accounted for a very important part, otherwise, what Alipay ah, what balance Bao, all the capital Will not develop. "Margin" shows a variety of ways, but each way is not the same name yo.

Sharing bicycles, too. Its margin is one of its main profit models. To share cycling boss, second mover and OFO. The number of active users per week was 31.28 million, ranking No.1 in the Internet travel industry; of the number of active users in ofo Week was 26.59 million, ranking the third in the internet travel industry. Then there are 31.28 million people who are tentatively worshiped and registered. There are 26.59 million OFO registered, and of course far more than that. Worship deposit, the deposit is 299 yuan, OFO is 99 yuan, although for some time free deposit, but later also raised to 199 yuan. Worship deposit: 299x31.28 million, OFO deposit: 99x26.59 million. We can count how huge this is a huge number ah: 935272 million, 2632410000. There are 93.5272 billion user deposits and OFO has 26.33241 billion user deposits. Do not say that the distribution, not to say how much money to use the production, the deposit enough scary.

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If you understand economics, to understand financial leverage theory will be very understand this truth, which can leverage the output value. For example, everyone understands very well. Since we are more interested in real estate, but also more concerned about, take it for example. Now the real estate business is done: go to a place to spend money to shoot a piece of land, no matter how much the value of this piece of land, first photographed, and then spend a small building a sales department, which put some house model, while the bank loans House repair (whether it is commercial real estate, or residential), while closing the payment to the user. When a plot sold for sale one-third of the time, go to shoot, and then apply for bank loans, go to allow users to buy a house, of course, a powerful developer can simultaneously N projects, and so on, and developers Only a small part of the money spent can get enough benefits.

By the same token, sharing such a lot of bicycle deposit, so much money, can leveraging the leverage of the Jinan economy will not be measured, if someone is familiar with Yao Zhenhua's Po and Wang Shi Vanke, you know the power of this lever. This is why Tencent is going to invest in worship, Ali to invest in OFO and Haro cycling one of the main reasons.

Share a bike

Second, the sharing of bicycles to win the second mode: the user cycling frequency, do not underestimate the value of a dollar.

In the same way, the maximum value can be derived from the constant circulation of commodities. In the same way, the greatest value can be achieved from the constant circulation of money. The faster the circulation of money, the more prosperous the economy is. The more profit is made by both the merchants and the users . This is one of the reasons why people often circulate in the community: the poor go to the bank to save money and the rich make loans to the bank. Because the poor can not circulate money, the rich will keep the currency circulating and speeding up the circulation.

Shared bicycles are the same, do not underestimate, a dollar per person per ride costs. Set less into more, more streams together will form a large river. According to the data of Nov. 4, 2017, the number of motorbikes used in January was 1.09 billion for APPs and 680 million for OFO bicycle APPs. As a result, in September 2017, there were 1.09 billion yuan for worship and 6.8 for OFO Billion, and this is only a conservative algorithm and estimation. Think about it, this is how many large companies in China, more than how many large enterprises. And this 1.09 billion, which is 680 million not bad debts, not the data on the bill, but real money is cash flow. Think about it, how terrible it is for such a huge cash flow. Business people, will be very clear, cash flow above all else.

Share a bike

Third, share the cycling profit model three: value-added services, advertising revenue.

If you often observe the APP, and OFO's APP which should be found, the two appeared a lot of value-added services, such as what funds to buy or sell, what mall, these are value-added services, these services are Allow users to invest in their app. Of course, there are other advertising income or something. But now sharing bike advertising revenue is not obvious, did not do too well, but I believe in the near future, these companies will share a bike in their car to make a fuss, will do other ads in their car, After all, this is one of the sources of income as well as one of their incomes.

Of course, this is only my personal opinion. If other views are different, we can discuss together.