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The United States has a groupon, China has a US group, and then do more than the Groupon; the 

United States has excellent step, China has a drop of the United States, the United States has 

the United States, , And then to Uber China to the merger; and then later, China has shared 

bicycles, the United States appeared LimeBike, but also the Chinese people do.

Brad and Toby were former partners and investment managers of Queensland Capital, a long-term 

active venture in China and the United States, a minority who understood both the Chinese market 

and the American market. In the Pacific on both sides, can claim to be "locals".

Now, their new professional identity is LimeBike co-founder, Brad as chairman, Toby as CEO. As a 

star investor business, they find their own more powerful "Golden Lord": LimeBike's first round of 

12 million US dollars financing by Silicon Valley's most well-known investment institutions 

Andresseen Horowitz led, with the investment, including investment institutions IDG, ofo angel 

investment People Wang Gang, Tencent veteran Li Qing and Wu Xiaoguang (Brad is the first employee 

of Tencent America).

Brad and Toby took note of the company last year when Obama was only in Shanghai. At that time, 

the bicycles also took a little literary atmosphere, but also far from today's street can be seen 

everywhere. But as an investor, the sense of smell must be sharp.

They analyzed the shared cycle in four dimensions: product, operating model, return on investment, 

and market competition. "The first two are easy to see, but the latter two are hard to figure." 

Toby told me on a microphone. They want to invest in a team in the United States, but can not find 

he right one. So, since do not want to miss this opportunity, then come on their own.

LimeBike parking after the wheel from the ground, which is the habit of the United States

Of course, they do another analysis is that this model is feasible in the US judicial and market. 

Toby argues that urban population and urban density determine the size of the market for people 

sharing bicycles. He analyzed that 80% of the people in the United States live in the city, there 

are more than 30 million people in more than 50 cities, there are more than 2,000 universities, 

these are shared bike market.

mobike (2).jpg

In fact, many cities in the United States also have shared bicycles, but most are parking piles, 

and it is not convenient to use. Some of the shares without a pile of shared bicycles, did not do 

it. To the extent that it is because sharing the bike this thing is not so good to do. Toby said 

that the shared chain has a long chain of value, there are supply chain, R & D, transportation, 

software design, user experience, etc., to make this in the United States, must have sufficient 

understanding of China and the United States The

Light is not enough to understand, but also need to have both sides of the work methods and 

thinking habits. Many of these are not subjective learning can master, and many are some of the 

details of the things. "It's fine, but it's important," Brad added.

LimeBike is now the first batch of bike has been produced well, waiting to find the right city 

to put. They find the foundry manufacturer is Tianjin Fu Shida company, this company is also one 

of the main foundry of ofo. But there are two points Toby reluctant to disclose, first, the cost 

of the LimeBike bike ("higher than theo, but lower than the first generation of Mountbee" is given 

the interval), the second is the first place where the city is - Because it is still in 

coordination with local governments.

Cooperation with the government is Toby very important point, because the shared bicycle will 

bring great changes to the city, if not the government's support, it is likely to be a "destroy". 

He said that China's small blue had wanted to put in San Francisco, but did not get the San 

Francisco government's permission, the San Francisco government said, "put a fine on the $ 2,000."

Get the government support, both in the publicity or operation, will have a great advantage. 

Especially in the education of users. The United States is "the country on the wheel", talking 

about the car. They ride the bike mainly to exercise, not to a destination. Educate users and let 

them form the last mile ride to get to the destination, one of the biggest challenges LimeBike 

faces. This need to change the user's original habits, is not easy.

Toby also believes that educational users are not simple, but he does not think this can not be 

done. Through cooperation with the government, with the local bike association, with the local 

community cooperation, etc., allows users to slowly form a new habit. And cycling environmental 

protection, and sometimes it is more convenient, these benefits can impress part of the user.

That LimeBike will not be happy to worry about it? That is, the United States will not be developed

to share the same as the domestic fire Toby thinks there will be competition, but not as crazy as 

the country.