Love Riding

Riding, once on the road, feeling the blood vessels filled with youth and gunpowder, an 

acceleration, you can feel the pleasure of dopamine to you, you will feel your heartbeat, 

listen to their breathing.

Ride the car, the brain will have many free time, slowly to think about some of the usual no time 

to think about the problem, no time pressure, the answer may be inadvertently pop out, this kind 

of thinking pleasure is a pleasure.

Will encounter a lot of embarrassing things and happy things, they deepen the goodwill of riding, 

riding is the most cooperative movement, the speed of the entire team will slow down for the last 

one, because of a blow tire riding full of friends Stop moving forward, riding the spirit is not 

abandoned, do not give up.

Can be accompanied by the lake breeze, in the avenue on the road riding Sahuan, you will find that

you have been hundreds of times been ignored by the scenery you picked up again.

The distance between the size of the mountain climbing tired, and began to long for the distant 

mountains, then again out of control, Sichuan-Tibet line, the Qinghai Lake are all gone, 

infatuation can be seen.

Sometimes climbing out of breath, especially climbing, will be painful, tired and even desperate, 

stick to the front of 10 meters, 20 meters as a target, a little bit of climbing, a few hours later,

 when we Standing at the top of the hill looking at the road, found only the size of the nail 

covered with clouds, the kind of feeling that only ride will know.

Will understand the beauty and food is not riding all. You should also know that sweat is not just 

an adjective, pouring rain at any time to a shower, the mud often splashed on the body. But the 

other tube, once the road there is a harvest.

Once riding on the road will be fun dripping, really feel free to look like the soul, it is 

difficult to stop!