Make Your Bike Have A Brain

What do you need for a foolproof ride? Experienced riders may give you these tips: GPS navigation,

 road maps, alarm equipment, lighting ... ... it is best to prepare a large backpack, put all the 

need to use on all. Just in case, you need to make some big changes to your bike, such as bike 

body fitted with various features of the small parts, so that the car looks bulky and safe.

"A key to start, unlock the phone, intelligent control, hybrid," these keywords link, what would 

you think? Is the release of new car manufacturers or mobile terminal cross-border operation? No, 

it's a smart new way of doing things in the bike industry in recent years. "Imagine putting a smart

brain on the bike that will give the rider fun."

The ultimate goal of intelligence is the user experience

Compared to the traditional bicycle industry, intelligent bicycle has just started. Including the 

Omega intelligence, beast riding, light off, cloud horse, etc. are also set up two or three years 

of the new company, but it is through two or three years of development, operation, promotion, the 

market may usher in a Picking period.

May be different from each manufacturer's R & D point of view, but the original aim, we are hoping 

to combine bike with mobile Internet, product innovation and even subvert the traditional, in the 

final analysis products are to be close to the user, and Through the intelligent upgrade, will make

bike products more market viscosity.cross-country riding, intelligent operation and control more 

and more become the center of user needs.

Like the horse developed intelligent hybrid electric riding system in the induction resistance at 

the same time, but also automatically for energy recovery, charging the battery, a greater degree 

of increased mileage. The other products show a key to start, cell phone shift, a key folding are 

in the direction of user-friendly efforts to work.

Take the step-by-step, the light-off and clouds are riding in the field under the help of martial 

arts. Light passenger VeloUP intelligent power system can automatically sense the resistance of the

 ride and the rider's riding intent, need to force when the rider will automatically increase power.

 Like the human brain, like thirsty to drink water, tired to sleep.

Create a riding community, build a bike cultural feelings

Bike manufacturers in introducing their own time, will be labeled the title of technology companies.

Omega intelligence to their position is not just a hardware manufacturer.

Smart stand

Many companies in the field of intelligent bicycles, including Omega, including intelligent stand 

has a dedicated APP. In addition to adding enough user stickiness. In the APP, will help you 

real-time monitoring of various data in the ride, will help you real-time positioning and navigation,

but also intelligent anti-theft, the owner away from the bike will automatically fortified, will 

tell you how much calories consumed, Small partners more than your riding mileage and other 

functions. In fact, the development of software has become the standard definition of intelligent 


All of this data, the formation of an intelligent business closed-loop, from manufacturers to users

and then to the community, the product is not just a travel tool, but gradually become a line of 

the link, the user input, online Interaction and Feedback.

Different from the traditional mode of bicycle manufacturing, we do the purpose of bicycle 

accessories is hoping to have a common riding hobby people together, the consumer into a partner, 

with the same product to do the concept of communication.