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The recent outbreak of Internet companies in China is actually a very important trend, many 

companies in China after the success of the hope that these experiences will be copied to overseas 

markets, and over the past year in the domestic market hot shared bicycle, it will Is an 


The first stop or metaphor, ofo has been at the top of the Singapore market

Singapore has been one of the most important markets for overseas expansion of China's Internet 

companies due to its developed political culture and its important strategic position in the 

Southeast Asian market. This law also applies to the fiery shared bicycles in the country, and 

there is no precedent for public bicycles and shared bicycles in Singapore, which also provides 

favorable conditions for the sharing of bicycles.

At the end of October last year, foreign media Mashable Asia reported that the motorbike announced 

plans to launch its shared bicycle service in Singapore next year. Singapore will be the first stop

in the overseas expansion of the cycling cycle. But the worship of the morning prayer Singapore has 

been slow to move, so far no bicycle landing. And it is even more sigh that the first to enter the 

Singapore market is the largest competitor of the highest-offo.

Tampered with the layout of Singapore, ofo why the more international perspective than the public 


December 23, 2016, ofo shared bicycles officially released a global strategy, and plans to start in 

Silicon Valley, London and other places to open the city service trial operation. And ofo founder 

Dai Wei said that the future ofo will also provide the rest of the world and the region to provide 

bicycle sharing services. The technology media e27 reported that the overseas version of the 

bicycles had arrived in Singapore on the evening of December 20 and planned to launch 10,000 

bicycles in advance in Singapore.

Tampered with the layout of Singapore, ofo why the more international perspective than the public 


And recently, according to the Singapore media reports, ofo shared bicycles will be the first batch 

of trial points in the high flow of people, the demand for five areas: West Coast Park, Punger 

Waterway, Kentgang Park, and the National Art Museum and Jinsha Hotel near, Launched thousands of 

shared bicycles, to facilitate the local people travel. After just two months after the operation, 

the sharing of bicycles in Singapore won the local citizens and the media alike. Moabai entered the 

window of Singapore can be said to have been completely closed.

Not just a simple copy, ofo mode has become a clean stream

Today is the best time for Chinese Internet companies to go to sea, the domestic good model, 

especially the current shared bicycle business model, with strong cash flow, high replication, to 

meet the rigid needs and so on, so just grab the window into the overseas market , Which will help 

China to share cycling companies in the global market to maintain the leading share.

Tampered with the layout of Singapore, ofo why the more international perspective than the worship?

In fact, in the overseas expansion of ofo's journey, Singapore is not the only area. In the choice 

of the sea, the first step in fact chose the North American and European markets, the two markets 

mobile Internet popularity is high, the locals for short-distance travel demand, and a strong riding

 culture. And the future, ofo will choose from Silicon Valley, London and other places cut into the 

first to connect thousands of bicycles for trial operation. For overseas users to open the "big city

 sharing" program.

In fact, China's Internet companies to enter overseas markets, the biggest difficulties may be that 

each country's user culture and other aspects of the differences, so many times if the simple model 

of the country, is bound to be a great setback. For every company that is intended to be globalized,

 it is necessary to learn localized local conditions.

mobike (2).jpg

It is worth mentioning that, ofo overseas expansion, and no simple copy. In order to promote the 

localization process faster, ofo overseas version according to European and American users of height,

size and riding habits choose a different frame. In appearance, ofo and domestic Phoenix bike 

manufacturers to establish a cooperation, the overseas version of the cycling model will be larger 

than the domestic small car size. This is a good fit to the differences between Europeans and Asian 

men. At the same time, in order to speed up the overseas version of APP on the line, ofo has set up 

a team of foreign engineers responsible for the design and development work. Trial run, ofo will be 

in credit card payment form of business. This may be because the European and American markets 

mobile payment far from the Chinese market.

And cooperation with the Phoenix bike, ono's overseas expansion is essential. According to the 

earlier ofo founder Dave's point of view, "the United States a bicycle 300 dollars, but ofo sent to 

the US car only 100 dollars, which need to thank the domestic relatively mature and low cost of 

production system." Obviously ofo in China by virtue of Advanced supply chain to defeat the 

experience of Matthew, in the overseas market is also applicable.

The domestic market share is not guaranteed, perhaps the key to the suspension of overseas 

expansion plans

Deep study of the cycling overseas expansion strategy blocked, may be behind the key lies in the 

fierce competition in the domestic market. We know that the vast majority of shared bicycle 

companies need to continue to market through the cycle of cycling, which is undoubtedly a very 

heavy model. Each expansion of a region, tens of thousands of cycling at every turn to the cost of 

each bicycle cost 200 yuan calculation, also need to spend nearly 10 million yuan.

And the cost of cycling cost is high, the first generation of motorcycles cost the cost of 3000 

yuan, the second generation lite Qingqi although the cost reduction, but also about 1,000 yuan, far 

more than competitors. This makes Matthew no way to expand to every city like a competitor's there. 

Because of the same investment, the number of bicycles put on the market is only one-fifth of the 

number of bicycles.

Tampered with the layout of Singapore, ofo why the more international perspective than the worship?

According to the recent report issued by the "2016 China shared bicycle market research report" show

s that ofo to market share of 51.2% ranked first in the industry, has occupied the industry "half of

 the country." Of the first degree of a certain degree of fact is a full range of rolling, in the 

bicycle volume, city coverage, market share of these three key indicators are firmly ranked first 

in the industry, while noteworthy is , Ofo users are more than twice as active.

This is a very difficult choice for Matthew. With more advanced models and a better user experience,

 the expansion of the nowo is still increasing, the market share of the public is still being 

eroded. In the case of the domestic market continue to lose, the only natural focus can be put back 

to the country, put all the energy and competition between the competition.

But now share the cycling market Matthew effect is more and more obvious, the opportunity is 

actually narrowing. And in the beginning if the first to enter the Singapore market, through the 

layout of the overseas to achieve overtaking, it would be a good choice. However, with ofo to seize 

the initiative in Singapore, a great success, the opportunity to overtake the last meal did not