Mobike And Ofo Came To Share The Rapid Popularity Of Bicycles In China On The Road

In the car congestion has long been replaced by the cycling army of Beijing streets, the recent public cycling and fire.

One is the "little orange car", the body and tires are bright orange, a glance can be identified, by a company called "Mobike Bike" (Mobike) companies. Use it, as long as open the phone on the Mabai Bicycle App, scan the body of the two-dimensional code, mobile payment, you can unlock, ride away. Inexpensive, the first half an hour as long as 1 yuan.

Mobike cycle started in Shanghai, was founded in January 2015, September 1 this year to enter the Beijing market. Began to run in the northwest of Beijing, densely populated Wudaokou, then slowly spread to Changping District, Chaoyang District, Shunyi District, and even a riding track to reach more than 30 kilometers away from the Beijing Capital International Airport.

The other is the "small yellow car", called "ofo", the body is shining yellow, take the name because from the word point of view "ofo" like a bicycle. Prior toO mainly in China more than 200 university campuses to provide services, now, it started from the campus to a wider city, put in Shanghai and Beijing's Zhongguancun, Shangdi area trial operation, directly with the Mabai bicycle competition.

Mobike bike with ofo shared bike small files.

Mobike bike with ofo shared bike small files. Figure: Ministry of media design

In order to alleviate the pressure of public transport and air pollution in Beijing and Shanghai, the government has already tried to introduce public bicycles, but the total is still small, and to use the car to the government designated network card, to specify The government provides public cycling has not been able to form the trend, not to mention become Mobike or ofo such, can be in the social media was "Shaitu", "Shaoxing" and " Scraper "fashion. The Mobike and ofo rapid warming, study its fundamental, is carried in the mobile Internet platform for public cycling services, in the allocation of resources and purchase payments, to achieve far more than the public to share the flexibility and convenience of cycling. Mo Weibei, the founder of Moabi, and co-founder of ofo, Zhang Baoding, were very proud of the flexibility and convenience of their products when they were interviewed by the media.

In the allocation of cycling resources to Moba and ofo-based shared bicycle, did not establish a fixed location of the parking pile - like a drifting game, where the car was riding where the user, where to stop, then the next user again Ride down.

Mobike cycle lock with GPS function, the operator can see the car in the background position and the user's riding trajectory, looks "out of control, disorder, random" to provide services, in a certain law is available Control, and then meet the needs of users.

Like a rafting game where the car is parked by the user, where it stops, and then the next user to use and then ride down

Initially, Mobike did not put vehicles in the Qingpu district on the outskirts of the city when they were piloting in Shanghai, but they found that some people would ride there slowly and then form a small loop around some of the neighborhoods. "Why do we want to intervene?" Out of control "is not to promote the distributed, rather than centralized management it? Now we are more inclined to let the system to free growth, and sometimes it will form a very interesting self-cycle, Worship of the founder Hu Wei Wei said to the media.

In terms of rent payments, mainland China in recent years in the small mobile payment on the rapid spread and lead, as Mobike and ofo set up a good platform. Tencent's WeChat, Alibaba's Alipay and other mobile payment channels have entered the mainland people's lives in all aspects, from the convenience store to the mall, from supermarkets to restaurants, as well as water and electricity costs, can be through mobile phones, With the scanning and a few touch to complete.

Mobike and ofo service model, from the outset will be the flow of online bike and online mobile payment combined with the mobile phone APP or micro letter service number to replace the traditional office card outlets, all money transactions - deposit and recharge - Can be carried out on these platforms through electronic wallet, and then fingerprint security to confirm, the whole cost less than a minute, "sweep the code to go," "no card", online line, the boundaries of public and private in one area Was found out of the break point, the original government-led municipal transportation field, accidentally get commercial expansion.

Mobike Mumbai Share a bike with ofo, which would you choose?

Mobike Mumbai Share a bike with ofo, which would you choose? Figure: Ministry of media design

Bicycles are also cycled

Mumbai was originally specially customized. In order to be able to drift in the real urban environment continue to use, Mo worship in accordance with the "four-year maintenance-free" standard design, all-aluminum body, after use for some time will not rust; tire with solid explosion-proof tire, not Common cycling pneumatic tires; when the user is also cycling for charging the vehicle for the smart lock to use, so it can locate the car's location, users and operators can know where the car.

In order to produce such a bicycle, Mobike search providers to no avail, the current domestic factories do not want to OEM production of such a great change in the bicycle, so Moabai established their own factories and special recruitment of the R & D team .

Hu Wei Wei in her car in the Ford car networking technology friends to pull, the development of this smart lock with GPS function. The team began to take into account the reality in the environment, reduce operating and maintenance costs, and users are short-riding, the balance method is to sacrifice a little user experience, to make up for the car's design. End media reporters to experience the bike, in the absence of electricity, you need to energetic pedal to ride, will feel heavy, this is Mo worship past users criticized the place.

By the end of 2015, Hu Weiwei invited former Uber Shanghai City Manager Wang Xiaofeng to join, as Mobike CEO how to develop new city business, how to deploy a vehicle as a unit, etc., these are Uber past experience, can be Mo worship reference.

Compared to the management team of Moab, ofo's co-founders are graduates of Peking University.

They are all riding enthusiasts, in the common to create a riding club failure, the idea of shared bicycle this idea. So in the 2015 Peking University campus experiment. Ofo wrote an open letter calling on students to donate their own bicycles to join the shared network. At that time happens to be graduation season, ofo thus obtained the first batch of bicycle to carry on the experiment.

Donate to the students and alumni can be free to use all of the vehicles, and ofo campus users every time the price is very low, five cents an hour.

Ofo shared bike official website.

Ofo shared bike official website. Web site screenshot

Bicycles occupy the campus

After the success of the Peking University experiment, ofo this model copied to not far from the other six universities in Beijing. Chinese university campus area is usually large, cycling is commonly used by students of transport. In the past, college students will buy their own car a day-to-day use; now, whether or not people will use ofo car.

Get A round of financing, ofo taken out of Beijing to expand to other cities in more schools. It is generally the first choice of the logic of opening up first-tier cities, first to more students, large universities to carry out business.

In October 2016, ofo decided to take the campus wall, first in Haidian District, Beijing Zhongguancun West and on the two places to test run, the two areas of the distribution of a considerable number of technology companies and young people. But it is interesting that because of the limited area of operation, ofo need to ensure the supply of vehicles, the deployment of bicycles, riding far beyond the region will pull back the car, ofo had to hire staff with tricycles this non-technological means To deploy vehicles.

"Users care about is a car can ride, the fastest speed to find the car." Hu Wei Wei and do not want to talk about competitors, but stressed the needs of users - who can ultimately meet the needs of users, what methods can be useful, Who will be able to run in front. The first is based on experience or racking our brains, such as a district in Shanghai to vote how many cars, but with the increase in operating hours, the user data will show a greater reference force. And various places because of urban planning is not the same, Beijing and Shanghai, the user behavior will be different.

Due to limited areas of operation, ofo need to deploy the bike to ensure a car supply, ride far beyond the area of the car will pull back, ofo had to hire staff with tricycles this non-scientific and technological means to deploy vehicles

In the same month, Moab launched a new version of the bike Lite, the new car is more portable, and increased the car basket, car baskets in the solar panels, smart lock power supply to solve the user by pedal force pedal problem.

Ofo is also accelerating the hardware improvements. "We will also launch smart locks in the future," said co-founder Pato Zhang of the media. The current ofo has upgraded the existing mechanical password lock, the new car with solid tires and rotating bell.

In solving the problem, the two products are more and more to learn from each other strengths, more and more like each other.

Capital inflows

In the product, the more eye-catching is the influx of capital.

This year in October, ofo and mo baiman have announced the C round of financing. Investors can be described as luxury camps, both financial capital, but also industrial capital, both drop travel such a large area of travel companies, there is no shortage of investors that year. While the mainland venture capital winter, attracted so many investors reflect the investment community in this area of optimism.

If only natural development, sharing the bike probably also need more time to detonate pop. However, the entry of capital to the two companies to rapidly expand market share, production of bicycles, into more cities, promotion and recruitment, so again.

Mobike Moore Bike with ofo shared bike, who is more welcomed by the investment community?

Mobike Moore Bike with ofo shared bike, who is more welcomed by the investment community? Figure: Ministry of media design

According to Zhang Baoding, in the car of ofo, in addition to 10% of the students donated vehicles to participate in sharing, Jiuduandu is ofo own vehicle. Mo Bi's all the bicycles are owned vehicles. The cost of the bicycle has dropped to about two thousand yuan, the new version of the Mabai Lite bicycle control in the five hundred dollars, while the cost of the bicycle in about 300 yuan. A large number of vehicles need huge amounts of money to produce bicycles, the two sides in direct competition, the number and coverage of vehicles, the number of cities stationed and speed, and finally attributed to the number of users become an important factor in the success or failure of the relationship.

In the completion of the C round of financing, one of the investors of one, Jinshajiang venture partner Zhu Xiaohu said the bicycle market in 90 days to end the fighting, which people can not help but recall the 2014 to 2015 period, with the travel area And the fast car hit the car's fierce competition, capital assistance under the burn subsidy war. Zhu Xiaohu think his confidence stems from ofo low-cost rapid expansion, "Mo Bai cloth a car, ofo can cloth ten cars."

Hu Wei Wei felt that the cost can not be a single car from the point of view. "Technology to help us operate efficiently, such as smart locks, I can know the car is broken, where I go to deal with, not to cause social trouble." Hu Wei Wei said, "Mo worship is four years maintenance-free, car costs In the fall, the cost of four years, the car may be used for eight years.If your life cycle is three months, bad do not know where the car bad, it may become garbage in the city.

Open the phone on the Mabai Cycling App, scan the body of the two-dimensional code to pay to unlock the ride away.

Open the phone on the Mabai Cycling App, scan the body of the two-dimensional code to pay to unlock the ride away. Figure: Shanghai Youth Daily / Imaginechina

Out of competition, along with the growing mobile payment prosperity, which is a number of orders is expected to more than one million "Internet +" line services, has a huge business prospects. Cycling is the solution to travel "last three kilometers" an excellent way, it has the characteristics of the use of high-frequency, to solve the problem of rigid demand, those three km taxi is not worth it, the bus has to wait for the car trip, Potential users are tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of urban citizens.

Ofo accept drop investment, because in the trip on this matter, the two sides are complementary. "Droplets have been considering the last three kilometers of short-distance travel programs, taxi drivers generally do not like to pull this short-lived ... ofo shared bicycle is a hit it off." Zhang Baoding said.

From the business point of view, Zhang B Ding forget T account, "beforeof a car 200-300 dollars, a car with ten times a day, and now customer unit price 5 cents, two months will be able to return." "On the university campus, ofo has been balanced," the media said.

In addition, the user to pay the deposit, and the high frequency of Internet traffic brought about by the future will have more room for imagination.

Cycling is the solution to travel the "last three kilometers" an excellent way ... ... those three km taxi is not worth it, the bus has to wait for the car's travel problems, potential users is tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of city residents.Mobike摩拜单车与ofo共享单车,谁更受投资界欢迎?

In this market, not Moabai and ofo the two dominance, more and more competitors are emerging, such as small Ming bike and worship. The former has just received two rounds of investment in September and October, which will start with 80,000 public bicycles in Shanghai's municipal government, and launch self-designed piles without bobbles. Next, will become increasingly lively.

Become a beautiful part of the city

In the actual operation, Mo worship and ofo encountered various civilized use problems, such as non-compliance with random parking and theft, damage.

Because there is no fixed parking pile, and some users will bicycle parked in the district, the underground garage, and so convenient for themselves, but not convenient for other users. According to the rules of the motorcycle, the vehicle should be parked in the government-assigned area. Mo worship of the App also suggested that for the violation of users, Mo will be in the credit sub-system minus the credit points; if the user's credit score of less than 80 points, then the next ride will greatly increase the cost.摩拜单车起家于上海,今年9月1日刚刚进入北京市场。

It also encourages users to report, reported that the user can be verified to get bonus points. After the user stops the camera if the upload to help follow-up users can easily find the car to get credit sub-incentives.

When the user parked the car in the parking area, follow-up users should pay parking fees will become a problem. Moab is working with a number of large parking management companies to communicate, to share the free bicycle parking area to draw. For damage and theft, both sides cooperate with the local police station. But for those who violate the traffic rules when cycling is punished by the traffic police users, you need to solve their own problems.

Mo Bi cycle in Guangzhou set up campaign activities.

Mo Bi cycle in Guangzhou set up campaign activities. Source: Mobile official website

In the future, Moab hopes that its credit system can be linked to the credit system implemented by the government. In this way, users in the use of illegal costs will be greatly increased, and consciously abide by the rules. Commercially available bicycles can be supplemented by government-promoted public bicycles, which are subsidized by the government in the future, and it is not impossible for enterprises to fulfill part of their public functions.

Mobike and ofo both claim that they have received positive government feedback. Beyond the commercial results, the bike will "make the city better," as Mobike's slogan puts it. Cycling trips would have been