Mobike Enter Singapore

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Singapore's bicycles market competition intensified, the third industry practitioners Mobike today officially entered the Singapore market, the first in several institutions to launch services, and then extended to other high traffic places, including subway stations and industrial areas.

Mobike, from China, today announced the launch of a shared bike service in Singapore, with a division of the same industry from the company and the local industry oBike.

The three operators also provide "truckless" (bicycleless) shared bicycle service, users only need to park the bicycle in any public bicycle parking place, no need to go to a fixed parking station and car.


OBike was launched in January this year, a total of about 300 bicycles, ofo is in the last month to enter the Singapore market, it is known to launch about 1,000 bicycles.

Mubai International Business Director Fu Tianyu pointed out that the authorities will be in the Singapore National University, Singapore Management University and Republican Polytechnic Institute to launch the service, and then extend the scope of services to the subway station and other needs of the region.

"The company currently offers hundreds of bicycles in Singapore, but we will keep an eye on the situation and provide more cars if demand increases."

Unlike other industry, Matthew is the only company that uses a satellite positioning system (GPS) smart lock, the company can query the location and status of each vehicle, if necessary, can be sent to the car repair.

In addition to the use of solar energy operation of the smart lock, Mount bike body made of aluminum, to prevent rust, the use of tires do not need to inflate.