Mobike Enter Wechat

There is no shortage of capital in the capital field - four rounds of financing investment there is

no shortage of high capital, Sequoia China, Warburg Pincus, Temasek and other top domestic and 

foreign investment institutions, including Tencent, Foxconn , Ctrip and other fields of industry 

giants, but also by the consumer's favorite.

March 29, Mobike and Tencent jointly announced that the two sides to fully upgrade the strategic 

cooperation, the motorcycles will be all-round access to the world's largest mobile social network 

services WeChat. Mobike cycle will appear in the "WeChat wallet" page of the third-party service "

Jiugongge", and WeChat previously access to the "drop travel", "US group take-away", "Jingdong 

preferred" and the public comment provided " "Hot service at the same level.

As the domestic leader in the sharing of bicycle services, the reason why the bicycle is loved by 

tens of millions of users, convenient and convenient user experience is essential. Now, with the 

Mobike bike settled in the WeChat wallet "Jiugongge", through any of three ways, WeChat users do not 

need to leave the WeChat will be able to solve the sweep riding cycling use of motorcycles cycling,

experience the unique intelligent shared bicycle service. Three ways include:

1 through the "sweep sweep" function, scanning the motorcycle bicycles two-dimensional code, into 

the small program;

2 through the WeChat wallet third-party service "Jiugongge" into the motorcycles cycling small 


mobike (2).jpg

3 Directly click on the microphones page of the "microblogging bike" service.

At the same time, the mobike is also available for users for 30 days free riding red envelopes, 

to share with the WeChat friends, up to 30 days free ride, convenient and affordable! Has launched 

the "Super Brand Day" free ride, Discount and red and a series of popular promotions, the 

motorcycles cycling "30 days free ride red envelopes" once again lead to user riding boom.

Mobike cycling last year on April 22 formally entered Shanghai, in less than a year's time has been 

rapidly extended to 36 cities at home and abroad. At present, the motorcycles in the country 

operates more than one million bicycles, the number of users tens of millions of magnitude, the 

cumulative riding more than 500 million times. The settled WeChat wallet Jiugongge, means that the 

antennae will be more and more wide, more and more people are more able to experience the fun of