Mobike Enter WuXi City

March 3, the world's largest intelligent sharing cycle platform Cycling bicycle announced to enter 

the Wuxi market. Wuxi has become the Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu and other 

cities, the motorcycles to enter the 24th domestic city.

It is understood that the car park in Wuxi, Hong Kong has a factory in Hongshan, Wuxi factory can 

produce 14,000 bicycles a day, these finished bike loading after the aircraft sent to the early 

distribution of the city, the number of millions of cities. Therefore, the Mount Buji cloth Wuxi 

market, many users dubbed the "back home".

At present, the motorcycles cycling in Wuxi Liangxi District People's Road, the liberation of West 

Road and other places 24, put more than a thousand bicycles for the local people to use.

Unlike traditional public bicycles, the motorbike is a car that does not require a card, no fixed 

parking piles, and no need for inflatable, not afraid of puncture, no fear of rust, and no need to 

worry about "key moment off chains" The In addition to the district, corridor and other areas 

outside the legal non-motor vehicle parking point, the user can park the bike parked on both sides 

of the road bike parking place can be locked to leave, to facilitate the next user to use.

In addition, the motorcycle is also equipped with a smart car lock GPS, the user can open the App 

can accurately find the location of the vehicle to facilitate the user positioning appointment, 

the user in the process of riding on the completion of the GPS charging, to solve the smart lock 

charging problem The Users in the use, as long as the open App scan the body of the two-dimensional

code, you can achieve remote unlock and start billing. After parking, the user manually close the 

car lock, you can automatically end the billing.

mobike (2).jpg

Mobike bike staff, this time Mobike landing "her family" Wuxi, intended for the people of Wuxi to 

solve the last mile of short-distance travel needs, to ease the traffic congestion in Wuxi to 

contribute a force.

Studies have shown that a car occupies about 10 square meters of road resources, while bicycles 

require only 1 square meter of road resources.

"If there are ten thousand people to give up driving, the use of shared bicycles to complete the 3 

to 5 km short trip, you can save considerable road resources." Mobike cycling Wuxi factory 

general manager Xu Hongjun introduction, the current motorcycles mainly in Wuxi Within the 

operation, the first batch of bicycles put thousands of cars, motorcycles depending on the user 

growth, market environment and other factors, continue to choose in other areas of Wuxi vehicles.

It is reported that the motorcycle is the world's first intelligent sharing of public bicycle 

projects, users use mobile phone download APP, the user registration account and pay a deposit of 

299 yuan, you can search and use the smart phone scan unlock the use of cycling.