Mobike Is Number One In App Store Download

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According to the Apple App Store App Store list shows, in January 2017 Mobike cycling dripping trip,

the railway 12306 and other popular APP, in the tourism free monthly list in the first place. At 

the same time, according to the mobile data service platform Talking Data statistics, an average of 

every 10,000 mobile terminals have 45.6 units to download the installation of the motorbike APP.

More APP downloads, higher usage times, longer usage times, and more active users show the hard 

power of the motorbike cycle in terms of user experience, vehicle management and platform operations.

Sharing the bike not only to bring convenience to people's lives, to solve the bus trip "last mile"

 of the problem, but also in response to green travel, reduce carbon emissions, is the government 

to encourage environmental travel, more users choose the achievements of the worship The first 

position of the market.

"The cycling cycle has grown rapidly over the past year, bringing the Smart Shared Bicycle service 

to 21 cities and tens of millions of users in the past 10 months," said Wang Xiaofeng, co-founder 

and CEO of Mobike Bicycle. The number of more than 200 million people, from multiple dimensions to 

grow the world shared pool industry well - deserved leader.

To protect the safety of users Buji bicycle industry advocated civilized knights

As the industry leader of the motorbike bike that the enterprise has a responsibility to the 

community to play, for the industry problems leading brand should take the lead in the initiative, 

in order to arouse more people's sense of civilization and sense of responsibility, both users can 

consciously develop Civilized car habits, but also allow you to travel a better experience and 


mobike (2).jpg

In this regard, Mobike on February 17 to release the country's first shared cycling civilized riding

 initiative to promote the majority of users and the public take the initiative to learn and comply 

with local traffic rules, civilized riding, consciously love to share the bike, and made seven To 

the seven do not recommend, one of the most notable is that children under the age of 12 is 

recommended to prohibit the use of shared bicycles.

This time the launch of "civilized knight, Monday Mobike free ride!" Promotions is to get a lot 

of users even behind and praise. Many friends message: "Murray for our trip to provide a convenient,

 in response to the call of the worship, civilized riding, love public property.

There are friends recommended to crack down on all the destruction of bicycles, privately locked, 

accounting for their own bad behavior, access to many users point praise.

"We are willing to let the bike return to the city 'vision, do not forget the original heart, do a 

strong sense of responsibility of the social enterprise." Mobike cycling will continue to provide 

users with convenient travel tools, For the construction of urban civilization and environmental 

protection to contribute to the power, perseverance to promote the sharing of bicycle industry 

standard development.