Mobike Standard Parking Measures

2016 shared bicycle into the market since the sharing of cycling has become a new model of green travel. However, sharing bicycles in the public to provide low-carbon convenience travel at the same time, squeeze the blind, was damaged, theft, traffic laws and regulations and other issues have gradually emerged, especially the problem of sharing the chaos parked. At the two sessions, the standard management of shared bicycles became a hot topic for delegates.

Since its promotion, Mobike has been actively working with the local government to improve the city's shared bicycle parking facilities. Recently, some of the main streets of Shijingshan area have attracted little attention. According to the person who said that the exclusive parking spaces are in cooperation with the Shijingshan District Government, which was specially set up to guide the parking of the residents, since January 24 this year, the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with the Shijingshan District Government has Shijingshan District has been designated more than 100 exclusive parking spaces.

For the community to share the issue of cycling chaos, the CPPCC National Committee members, Jiu San Society Shandong Provincial Party Committee Vice Chairman Xie Shijie suggested that the bicycle platform and parking and other management units should be to regulate the parking behavior, "in Jinan, parking facilities to stop parking, Mumbai cycle set the recommended parking point and erected signs prompted the behavior of the very good, worthy of reference from other cities.

According to the Jinan City parking to do Zhang Xiang introduced in the first batch of 605 bicycle parking points on the basis of the second batch of 1782 points designated as a bicycle parking point. The second batch of these new parking points will be added to the intelligent parking point recommended equipment, Shao, after the motorcycle to enjoy a bike close to the white parking point, the system will automatically recommend the nearby parking point, and whether the bicycle stopped The parking area is automatically tested and data is returned to the back office. "

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CPPCC National Committee members, the party committee of Shandong Provincial Party Committee Vice Chairman Chen Dezhang on the Mount Biji set "recommended parking point", and rely on GPS positioning system and large data platform for offline operation and management practices appreciated, "This experience should be promoted. "He also visited the motorcycles on the visit, in his view, sharing the bicycle platform should be from the launch to the management, operation and other aspects of the formation of one-stop service," This requires the government and platform enterprises to work together, can not be put out regardless of the "

March 3, Chengdu City Commission, Public Security Bureau, Urban Management Committee in the joint release of the "Chengdu on the encouragement of the development of bicycles to encourage the development of the views", and Chengdu Metro Line 4 84 entrances and exits planned 253 shared Bicycle parking point. In addition, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen and other municipalities are also actively working with the motorbike to discuss the sharing of bicycles parking area work.

March 8, the National People's Congress on behalf of Zhu Guoping is another proposal, she believes that through government-enterprise cooperation, the illegal parking problems into the government grid management, uncivilized behavior into the personal credit system, the government will manage the discovery of these Civilized record submitted to the government's credit system, regularly published "red and black list", the uncivilized behavior publicity.

Since its promotion, Mobike has been actively cooperating with the local government to improve the park's shared bicycle parking facilities. The CPPCC National Committee members and representatives of the National People's Congress have praised the management of the bicycles. Local governments divided the shared bicycle parking area, the exclusive parking spaces and intelligent parking system, will effectively guide the user to standardize parking, civilized cars, to a certain extent, improve the city landscape, but also to the city to share the bike ecology is more good.

In addition, the motorcycle is also actively from the technical level to provide technical support for standardized parking. Previously, with China Mobile and Ericsson cooperation R & D sharing of single-car network of things, has completed the initial test; recently, and successfully developed Baidu cloud research and development of intelligent parking point, to help users convenient and standardized parking. "Let the city travel better." Standard to share the management of bicycles, motorcycles have been walking in the forefront of the industry.