Mountain Bike Riding Equipment Manufacturer's Inventory

Listed since 1994, Birdy unique design and excellent riding performance, making it the market of choice for folding. Until 2012 Birdy in the world has sold more than one hundred fifty thousand units. In addition to its birthplace in Germany, Birdy in the Asian region, including Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia have been quite welcome, also in other countries in the world are also sought after.

First-generation pipe classic birds car in 2005 discontinued, replaced by a single formula Monocoque design, after the shutdown, tube classic car has been a bird is a favorite bicycle collectors. Separated by a few years after the launch of the tube bird, not just copy, with the growth of technology, from the appearance of the light it seems there are a lot of sophisticated and change. New Classic Birdy at first glance, and the first generation of the classic pipe birds is extremely quite similar, but a closer look, in fact, changed many parts, it uses a lot of improvement since the second-generation one-piece design of Birdy, redesigned large director , offers higher rigidity of the frame, hidden traces make the body more compact, with 17 degrees for most people risers, further in performance. Engraved classic painting, then we will launch the classic two colors: navy blue, Burgundy red, the two colors are the first generation tube classic birds in 1994, the first listing of color.