No Intelligence, Not Riding! Let Omni Smart Stem To Solve Your Riding On The Road Of Trouble.

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, more and more people to join the 

ranks of outdoor riding, intelligent times, even simple riding is also connected with the smart 

device. Omni Omega has chosen to love this group of people love the love of sports development of 

an intelligent cycling equipment, after repeated discussions of the team, we finally confirmed the 

intelligent stem accessories for our first product. Intelligent stem and supporting Comnicare APP 

riding software can not only record real-time riding data can also ride with the faithful at any 

time interaction; intelligent stem, outdoor Bluetooth speakers and other new bike accessories for 

bicycles more intelligent, and even smart bike will all Intelligent applications combined with 


Omni Omega smart stand to stand smart.

Whether it is daily travel, or vacation trips, there are always riding a variety of problems, so 

that riders feel very troubled by riding, how to pick up the phone, headset songs unsafe, 

navigation how to fix the navigation device If you have more trouble, look at Omni Omega 

intelligent smart stand, perhaps for the riders to ride out the ride out of the most common 


Ride on the road the night, for fear that the bike was stolen?

As a person who likes cycling, the most worried about than their new bike bought two days had not 

been stolen, or ride on the road to sleep all night sleep is not stable, afraid of the bike was 

stolen. Even if not afraid of thieves also afraid of thieves misses, the friends around complaining

about their new to buy what lightning, Giant no two days was stolen, lock or the kind of 

particularly good, I am sorry for them. Omni Omega smart handle can not only intelligent anti-theft

, but also intelligent lighting. When the device is connected, the device automatically disconnects

 the alarm. When the mobile phone is disconnected, the device is disconnected for more than 2sec 

and enters the alert state. There is a Bi-Bi sound prompt. , Alert state, the mobile bike will 

wu-wu two seconds alarm, continuous mobile bicycle more than 3 seconds, will trigger a continuous 

alarm sound, while the light flashes; when the phone returns, the device is connected, 

automatically cancel the alarm, exit the alert state. Even if your phone is dead, the bike can 

alarm. Can finally sleep a stable feel.

Intelligent lighting.

Riding in the phone, and should be how to take?

Often go out riding friends, may have been on the way into the phone and stir it up. Reduce parking

 and then answer the phone will affect the process of riding, while the side will be riding a 

mobile phone to answer the phone will affect their own safety. Omni Omega smart stand comes with 

mobile phone stand, with outdoor Bluetooth speakers than wired headset and ear hanging Bluetooth 

headset more secure in the call can also be a key answer, no longer have to worry about missing an 

important phone or affect the safety of the ride .

Want to let the ride to point the music under the regulation of the atmosphere, but also 


Riding, although not the same as the fishing has been fixed, but riding a long time is extremely 

test of endurance, a person, when riding the night, it is inevitable to want to point the music 

under the regulation of the atmosphere, To navigate, but for each have a certain qualifications of 

the riders, are very clear with headphones riding is a dangerous thing. At this time there is a 

smart place to have a smart, and the phone is installed in the smart stand to play, or with outdoor

 Bluetooth speaker. In this way to listen to music, not only can enjoy a more comfortable ride 

comfortable, but also can not affect the reception of ambient sound, but also real-time to see the 

navigation line to ensure emergency response at any time to ensure riding safety.

As an intelligent stem, omni Omega smart stem is a direct jabbing pain points to a product, its 

function and design are from the riders point of view, from the fundamental rule out the problem, 

and strive to let the riders They enjoy safe and fun high quality riding.