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2017 destined to share the bike of the year of shopping. In this battle called "Ice and Fire Song",

 sharing cycling rider ofo big action frequently, its competitive strategy is also a series of 

cooperation in the increasingly clear, that is the first to develop a new industry standards, so 

that opponents Had to deal with frequent and exhausted. Whether it is joint telecommunications 

Huawei to build NB-loT optimal intelligent unlock solution, the joint 700bike released high-end 

Curve version, flagship product experience design and low-cost operation and maintenance mode, or 

join the ant gold push "credit unlock" deposit, The purpose is to lead the industry to build a 

competitive barrier.

What is the strategy of how that's achieved? We have recently with the Big Dipper navigation

 strategic cooperation as an example to further explain.

The following are the same as the "

Ofo and Beidou navigation strategy cooperation signing ceremony

Positioning technology will become a new industry benchmark

Previouslyo is by large data algorithm for positioning operation and maintenance, cooperation with 

the Beidou navigation, you can install a satellite navigation and positioning technology Beidou 

smart lock. Beidou navigation positioning accuracy is higher, can provide the national wide area 

meter positioning enhanced service in the Beijing area, and even can achieve centimeter level 

positioning. This will help ofo achieve more refined operations, improve operational efficiency 

and user experience.

First of all, positioning technology can help users in the remote and low density of vehicle 

coverage where the fast and accurate to find the car. With ofo gradually to the first-tier cities 

suburbs and second and third tier cities to put vehicles, part of the city vehicle density is not 

very high, the vehicle may also be riding to the remote areas of the city, some users have to 

locate the vehicle based on vehicle demand. Previously, ofo official App has been on the line 

positioning function, according to the user riding the track of large data identification 

technology positioning, so that users can see the specific location of the vehicle around the APP, 

and navigation to find. If the ifo and then equipped with the Beidou smart lock, the vehicle 

positioning is more accurate, the user can be based on accurate vehicle positioning quickly find 

the car. This can greatly enhance the accuracy of the user to find the car, to enhance customer 


Second, the positioning technology can help of more efficient operation of the line under the 

vehicle, to achieve further reduction of operation and maintenance costs. With the positioning 

technology, you can achieve a more refined car line operations, and better regulate the user 

parking behavior. Since the birth of the bike has been born, some users will car hidden in the 

district or home, which greatly reduces the frequency of cycling, investment payback period will 

be lengthened. In addition, the choice of the user parking point is often very casual, the industry

 generally need to hire a large number of cyclists to find cars, operations, labor expenditure will

 be very large.

Previously, ofo line operations team innovative grid management, can achieve the efficient 

operation of offline vehicles, and the cost is low. Now installed the Beidou smart lock, ofo line 

team can achieve more refined vehicle operation. Specifically, the ofoo electronic fence technology

 has been strengthened, and can be designated some parking area, the user will receive obstacles 

when parking, which will lead users to form a more standardized parking habits, to further reduce 

the manual operation procedures, Operational efficiency. All this will make the city's operation 

and maintenance costs and then lower, further shorten the profit cycle.

Finally, with the help of positioning technology, ofo can help the government solve the situation 

of bicycle management chaos. Sharing bicycles low-carbon, economic, environmental protection, this 

is a good thing to benefit the country, but the chaos put the problem is prominent, and even be 

labeled "city garbage" hat. To this end, the use of Beidou navigation and positioning technology, 

the use of positioning and large data technology intelligent delineation of the virtual standard 

parking area, that is, "electronic fence", cycling only to a specific place to lock. This will not 

only help regulate the chaos of the user to stop playing, to avoid excessive cycling over the 

sidewalk, affecting the public travel, but also to maintain the city appearance of the neat, 

orderly and beautiful, you can locate the technical means to standardize the user parking behavior,

 to effective To solve the problem of cycling chaos.


In addition, ofo relying on Beidou positioning technology "electronic fence" technology, as well 

as millions of sunrise large data will be designated for the city more reasonable shared bicycle 

parking area, by building a more intelligent slow traffic system to improve the city's entire 

intelligence Traffic construction.

Now there is no pile of shared bicycles are the mainstream, although the government and enterprises

 have designated "white line area" stop, but the user consciously, the effect is unsatisfactory. 

Therefore, the 2017 shared bicycle industry regulation trend is an irreversible trend.

For the government, the strengthening of regulation in essence or hope that by limiting the city's 

bicycle supply and standardize the parking behavior to promote the healthy development of the 

industry. The current share of cycling between manufacturers have the risk of excessive excessive 

competition, first-tier cities in the central area of the general full of suffering. Such as 

sharing the bike "city" Shenzhen, put the volume has been as high as 50 million, riding 2.5 million

 per day. Put the amount of large, coupled with the high frequency just need to use the scene, and 

the user parking behavior is not effective norms, so every time after the Nanshan Science and 

Technology Park, near the subway station, subway and sidewalks are packed with all kinds of Of the

 bike, white-collar work on the road have been severely squeezed. To this end, Shenzhen and 

Guangzhou, Chengdu, Nanjing, Shanghai and other cities have introduced policies to strengthen 

supervision. Such as Shenzhen on the clear requirements of the size of the cycle to share with the 

city or regional facilities carrying capacity, the public travel needs and business line management

 level to adapt.

In order to promote the implementation of policy implementation, the Government will need to 

understand the city's bicycle delivery and distribution of the situation. In the past, because the 

government did not share much of the bicycle industry-related data, it was difficult to assess the 

total amount of city traffic and the rational planning of urban cycling. Now, theo has a more 

accurate Beidou positioning technology, and take the lead with massive travel large data for the 

government to provide the city bicycle market demand situation, to help the government to determine

 the regional cycling demand to delineate a more reasonable parking area, better Balance the market

 supply and demand, but also better to maintain the normal city and the public travel.

From the network to accept the regulation of the car situation, with its passive waiting for policy

 shaping, it is better to take the initiative to solve the industry problems for the Government to

 promote policy landing, but is expected to seize the initiative. Moreover, the future policy is 

likely to be about the track of the competitive landscape.

For example, rumors that Shanghai will be bike delivery limit is 600,000, the current volume has 

exceeded 450,000, that is, in about 150,000 delivery range, who can speed up, who will be able to 

seize more market share The Due to the repo cost of the lower, the same funds under the premise of 

its delivery will be 4-5 times the worship of worship.

Last month, the Shanghai Quality Supervision Bureau also took the lead in the preparation of a 

shared bicycle standard (discussion paper), asked to share the bike enterprise software system 

should have the location of shared bicycle position function, which means that the future bike will

 be more standardized, the installation of positioning system is also necessary of. And the 

development of first-tier cities policy will be directly for the local standard reference.

And ofo cooperation with the Beidou navigation to promote the sharing of bike industry positioning 

technology of the new standards, but also for the government departments to provide urban 

intelligence slow traffic system data support and intelligent response solutions. In accordance 

with government thinking, the policy is certainly more inclined to promote the use of bicycle 

industry to use China's independent research and development of the Beidou satellite navigation 

and positioning technology to gradually replace the US GPS positioning technology. If the use of 

Beidou positioning policy after landing, for theo is a big good. That is not only the forerunner 

of the policy, but also the beneficiaries of the policy dividends.

Share the future of a bicycle

Sharing the second half of the bike will be the full strength of the enterprise competition, the 

first fight financing capacity, the second operation efficiency. There is a discussion on the 

nature of the bike of the discussion of posts, was the most praise He Mingke wrote: "For the 

technical threshold is not high and need to establish the scale of blood capital to build the 

scale of the moat model, the biggest advantage is Financial strength, sub-level advantage is burn 

efficiency (if there is super financing capacity, burn efficiency can be ignored.) "From, we will 

be able to know why theo, such as Ma and so crazy to finance. The future, with the market share 

slowly concentrated to one of the few super players, the other players must "make every effort", 

was eliminated.

In the operational efficiency of the operation, the ofo is indeed a ride away, it is through 

continuous product and operational iterative optimization, the continued establishment of the 

industry's new standards, such as cooperation with the Beidou navigation, to promote positioning 

technology to become a new industry benchmark, such as with the ants Gold co-operation, to promote 

the credit margin deposit and so on. At the same time, these substantive cooperation also continue 

to improve the operational efficiency of ofo, making the industry competition threshold is more 

and more high, the competitiveness of enterprises is not strong can be predicted.

From the point of view of policy landing, ofo is also more likely to be a policy divider. The 

government encourages enterprises to use China's independent research and development of the 

Beidou satellite navigation and positioning technology, and ofo is the first cooperation with the 

Beidou navigation strategy shared bicycle business. In addition, the local government has limited 

the limits of cycling in the background, ofo also benefited from its lower cost of repairer, which 

is more likely to accelerate the supply, to seize the greater market share.

At the same time, ofo shared bicycles are also an important part of the national slow traffic 

system. As the industry leader, ofo must bear greater social responsibility, such as with the Big 

Dipper navigation and travel large data for the government to provide slow traffic intelligent 

traffic system data support and intelligent response solutions. This will be a good way to help 

the government achieve the goal of intelligent travel and improve traffic congestion. And equally 

important is that the shared bicycle is also constantly in the direction of the wisdom of the 

development, so as to pull the entire bicycle industry to the higher value of the value of the 

chain to go.

From ofo and the Beidou navigation and other business cooperation cases, ofo not only the industry 

leader, it is the helm. It is in the lead in the trend of competition, is extremely potential to 

become a shared bicycle field of "drop".