Ofo Joint Riding Chanting Release Customized Version Shared Bicycle

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March 24, sharing the bike business ofo yellow car announced that it will be launched with the 

riding chant cycle of the customized version of the small yellow bike ofo L1, and on the 26th in 

Hangzhou and Jinan to put, this is the first access to shared bicycle operators The

It is learned that ofo L1 will be equipped with smart lock, support sweep code unlock function. 

Custom version of the bike follows the unique "Z-shaped" design of the riding cycle. L1 models 

using aluminum alloy frame, 24-inch solid tires, equipped with car baskets, smart locks and power 

jacks. Saddle with adjustable design, front and rear brakes are used more secure brakes.

Compared to the original riding chanting bike, the customized version ofo L1 adds the car basket, 

turning the seat into an adjustable structure, which makes the ofo's riding experience closer to 

ordinary bikes, reflecting theo yellow car has been insisting To the user experience for the first 

idea. Starting from this Sunday (March 26), the people of Hangzhou and Jinan will be able to 

experience the convenience of this cycle.

Previously, ofo yellow car officially opened the "big city sharing" program, for the bike brand 

and manufacturers to cooperate, while access and sharing the public idle bike, to achieve "to connect 

the bike, but not the production of bicycles." Previously, theo yellow car and flying pigeons, Fu 

Shida, Phoenix and other traditional bike manufacturers to new energy to drive the traditional 

bicycle manufacturing transformation and upgrading. After the yellow car and 700Bike, cloud horse, 

light cable and other Internet brands to launch customized version of the shared bicycle, to 

provide users with diversified, differentiated travel services. This is a new attempt with riding 

chanting bike is ofo yellow car again, showing the development of vision of "the platform model" 


February 22, ofo announced and China Telecom, Huawei reached a comprehensive cooperation to 

jointly develop the world's first NB-loT Internet of Things to share the bike to low cost, large 

capacity, wide network coverage, low power consumption narrowband networking intelligent solutions ,

 Leading the sharing of bicycle industry standards. March 9, ofo and 700Bike jointly released a new 

generation of low operation and maintenance sharing bicycle ofo Curve, the new car redefines the 

shared bicycle industry, "low operation and maintenance" of the product and operating standards, to 

create the most suitable for users riding, while maintenance costs The lowest shared bike. March 16,

 ofo announced a strategic cooperation with Sesame Credit to lead the shared bicycle industry to 

open the "credit unlock" era. March 21, ofo Singapore launched the first variable speed to share 

the bike to meet the needs of users personalized cycling, continue to lead the Singapore market.

At present, ofo yellow car has covered 46 cities around the world, connecting more than 2.5 million 

bicycles, for more than 30 million users accumulated to provide more than 400 million travel 

services. To more than 10 million daily orders, to become the Taobao, drops, the US group, the 

fourth day of China orders more than 10 million Internet platform.

"Ofo is committed to becoming a world - class shared cycling platform, hoping to connect the global 

bike through the city 's big share plan, to provide users with convenient and economical short - 

distance travel service.".

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