Ofo Small Yellow Bike To Develop Smart Lock Password Random No Longer Afraid Of Leakage

Before, the bike of the mechanical lock password can not be changed, and even media broke the news 

that there are many online password sharing group, the number of shared bicycles nearly 40,000. In 

this regard, shared bicycle ofo yesterday released the first generation of smart lock, after the 

user unlock will set a random password, smart lock built-in locator.

According to the person in charge of the hardware, the new smart lock set a random password, the 

user through the phone to obtain and enter a random password, you can unlock a small yellow car. 

Use the end of a few seconds after the lock, the system will automatically chargeback. Ofo smart 

lock unlock fast, while the machine + smart lock program to ensure a high rate of unlocking. Ofo 

first-generation smart lock without charging, even in minus 30 ° C to zero on 65 ° C outdoor 

environment, can still guarantee up to one and a half to two years all-weather long life.

In addition, ofo the first generation of smart locks do not need to power the hub, will not affect 

the user's normal riding experience, and can be installed to almost all of the current market, 

cycling models, through its built-in positioner, ofo timely track vehicle flow , To ensure security


It is reported that the first installment of the smart lock of small yellow car was put in some 

areas of Beijing, including the Zhongguancun subway along the campus of Peking University, Shahe 

area and other places, had been put in a small yellow car, the mechanical lock will not replace the

smart lock . According to ofo, the number of connected bicycles is more than 800,000 before the 

introduction of smart locks, so these groups may not be disbanded immediately.

At the same time ofo said, the smart lock can be two years without charging standby. Bicycle 

deposit to keep the same 99 yuan, riding an hour charge 1 yuan.

You know, the original ofo riding an hour charge one dollar, but because the mechanical lock can 

not be changed, many people develop a password-sharing group, with 5 gross or 5 cents to know the 

password, for the official inconvenience management, so the development of intelligent Lock, 

password, do not worry about a random leak. Xiaobian just want to say, some people have to make a 

few cents, admire it!

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