Ofo The First Generation Of Intelligent Bicycle Lock Using Raiders Detailed

Ofo shared bicycles officially released its first independent research and development of intelligent

 lock, presumably we are most concerned about is the first generation of ofo smart lock introduced?

 How to use? The following for everyone to share the first generation of intelligent bicycle lock 

Detailed Raiders.

1. Open the phone App, click the "car immediately" enter the license plate number, press the yellow

 button to get the password.

2. Enter the password in order to unlock, such as the wrong password, press the reset button to 

re-enter the password.

3. After the end of the car, pull off the car to end the car lock, the system will automatically 


You can see, ofo first-generation smart lock only need a simple three-step can easily complete the

 ride, after the end of the ride can also be a red envelope to friends or to share a circle of 

friends, very affordable.

Evaluation: Compared to the existing market share of smart bicycle lock program, ofo this "

mechanical + smart lock" program, also followed their consistent strong stability, the advantages 

of high rate of unlock, almost "seconds to open" level. In addition, this lock also has two years 

of ultra-long standby, location theft and many other features, it can be said of the smart lock 

program again refreshed people's awareness of the shared bicycle smart lock.