Plants Bike Lead The New Energy Vehicles

For people who ride a bicycle, automobile exhaust pollution to suffer. But the bike did not produce exhaust, which is not fair. Thus, there is an air purification function, can also produce oxygen bike appeared.

According to Trend Hunter reported, Ligthfog company designed an air purification bike (Air-Purifier Bike). The bicycle handlebar hands have built air purifiers, can reduce air pollutants. Not only that, the bike is also supporting photosynthesis system, carbon dioxide and water through light reaction and carbon-oxygen reaction.

First is the handle inside the car air purifier, this nothing surprising good, just like the usual home with an air purifier principle similar. But, like a plant photosynthesis as a bit mean. The electric bicycle frame also a photosynthesis system (built tank), the system uses visible light, water tank, carbon dioxide to produce oxygen.