Riding, Make Life Fun

Compared to cars, trains, planes and other fast vehicles, now, more people liked the ride. A 

bicycle, not only allows you to surf on congested city roads, but also to embark on the journey 

with you, let you truly enjoy more cultural customs and scenery around. In Jinhua, there is such 

a "fun ride sharing" for the purpose of Tule cycling club. Since around 2006 established tule 

cycling club members have been riding too safe, a paan, Lake, Tibet and other places, only the 

members of Jinhua City, there are more than 1,000 people. As head of Tule cycling club, Wang Yong, 

in which the role has made undeniable contributions.

Adhere to the industry 32 years, he ushered in the bike "spring"

Yong Wang Jinhua native, 50-year-old. In 1984, he graduated from the school in Jinhua Wang Yong 

came first department store counters bicycle salesman, and later became a long counter. Also in 

the car ticket era, Wang Yong understanding of the bike than many people early.

"At that time, watches, bicycles, sewing machines still married Big Three, are a good family, a 

grade of people can afford, and if someone bought a bicycle, and will definitely lead to an envy." 

Recalled bicycle once position in the hearts of the people, Wang Yong, filled with emotion.

In 1992, world-renowned bicycle brand from Taiwan --- Giant location Jiangsu, set up Giant (China) 

Co., Ltd. Giant bike into the bike Jinhua hundred counters in 1993, and later, Giant launched 

several variable speed drive also allows Wang Yong saw the bicycle industry culture.

In 2000, faced with corporate restructuring, Wang Yongyi ran out of business, his choice items or 

bicycles. With years of experience and understanding of their performance, he won the Giant (China)

 Co., Ltd. Jinhua sales agents in Jinhua opened a Giant store.

It was since then, shift the car began to pop up in the market. Wang Yong said, compared with the 

conventional bicycle shift car, single-literally, shift the car is that you can change a few speed. In fact, the car is the addition of a variable speed transmission system. 

By changing the chain and different front and rear disc with the size of the gear to change the speed of the vehicle speed. Its advantage is that it can help you in case of physical prowess to effectively reduce your physical exertion to make riding more effort, but also to adapt well to a variety of locations.

But far less than the development of variable speed drive cars, trains, planes and other fast 

vehicles, there is a period of time, people's lives are bicycle lopsided in the industry downturn 

in those days, Wang Yong is still Hold your ground. Fortunately, with the improvement of people's 

living standards, the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle more and more intense, as an exercise bike 

return the spotlight again. As a new leisure, fitness, tourism, cycling has become the new darling 

of city people, Wang Yong, also ushered in the industry, "Spring."

Today, Wang Yong Giant stores already in Jinhua City Jiangnan, Jiangbei opened a branch in each, 

as well as a franchise, the store business is good, a lot of cycling enthusiasts from all walks of 

life, all his faithful customer, and thus he became friends with these people.

The creation of the club, with the bike "measure" beauty

Talking about the development of Tule cycling club, Wang Yong said, compared to deliberate, more 

of a go with the flow.

"A lot of my friends here to buy a car, will get together to go out riding, after an increase in 

the number, we often organize group activities, and slowly build up a riding atmosphere. Tule 

cycling club also came into being." Wang Yong, the club is currently in Jinhua City, more than 

1,000 members, only seven or eight years younger, the older the age of 68. Week, the club will 

publish riding activities on the platform, every Tuesday, Thursday evening, will organize riding 

friends to safety, the elegant farm, Kitayama, Wong Tai Sin and so short ride. Weekend and holiday 

activities will be moderate riding distance of 100 to 150 kilometers arrangements. Of course, 

there Sichuan-Tibet line, the Qinghai Lake, Qiandao Lake and other long-distance riding ring, 

fans can ride according to their physical, time freedom of choice.

As a cycling enthusiast, friends, "Sunshine" to reporters to talk about his riding experience. "

Ride completely changed my life, before I was full of otaku. Ride past year, one weekend I will 

participate in cycling activities organized by the club, followed by the faithful car ride to 

nature." " sunshine "that cycling is not just a simple aerobic exercise, but also a way to prove 

themselves and their own challenges. "In the beginning, when the rider could not believe that they 

can adhere to ride after dozens of kilometers away, adhere to the teeth all the way down, 

successfully reach the end when the heart is full of a sense of accomplishment." "Sunshine," he 

said.Cycling enthusiasts Miss Zhou said that she began to ride this as a simple means of transport

, and later joined the patrol, feeling Jinhua two years riding a great atmosphere, and greenways 

Jinhua increasing, more suitable for cycling family out "pull mill." "Usually busy at work, but 

leisure and riders a ride short by riding, not only lose weight, but also enhances the ability to 

adapt to the outdoors, more important is to make new friends. In this club, we come from different 

positions, interpersonal communication is simple, for a common interest, exchange it is very easy 

to very comfortable. "Ms Chow said.

Friends riding feeling is Wang Yong, most want to achieve. "Our club's aim is to share the fun of 

riding, I do not care about the destination, but care about the scenery and feelings."