RockyMounts Relocates To Larger Facility In Boulder

RockyMounts has relocated its offices, warehouse and retail store to a new location a mile away from its former headquarters in Boulder.

The new location has 65 percent more square footage than its previous home.

"Our move was driven by the need for more space," said Bruno Maier, RockyMounts' president. "After two years of solid fiscal growth and product line expansion, we'd completely outgrown our former location."

Maier continued, "It was our priority to stay in downtown Boulder, connected to the cycling community we love, and we're excited that we found this space. It's convenient for our employees, it's great for traffic, and we can do a better job of meeting our customers' needs."

The new 9,000-square-foot space is on 29th Street, next door to the brick-and-mortar outlet of The Pro's Closet. Maier said the company signed a five-year lease and invested in extensive interior renovations in the space, which houses its corporate headquarters, research and development, warehouse and a 2,500-square-foot retail store.

The retail space was built out with local materials like Colorado beetle-kill wood, and features a display of cycling memorabilia.

Boulderites will get a first peek at the store on Thursday evening, from 5-10 p.m., when RockyMounts will host one of its regular Guest Bartender events in conjunction with its grand opening. Two organizations will benefit from event proceeds: the Boulder Mountain Bike Alliance and the Colorado Mountain Bike Association.