Sharing Bicycle Company Bluegogo Are Hiring In USA

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Little Blue Bicycle is in the United States to form the team, from can be seen, small 

blue bicycle (Bluegogo) is the San Francisco Bay Area Recruitment Marketing Manager and other 


Xiao-Lan, vice president of bicycle operations Hu Yu boiling to the interface of journalists 

confirmed the news, and revealed that the first batch of small blue bicycle has been shipped from 

China to the United States, is expected to be put in January this year. And the small blue bicycle 

will be produced directly in the United States, overseas team is under construction, some people 

are already in place.

Little blue bicycle in the United States will be the first stop in San Francisco, then expanded to 

other cities in the United States, as well as Singapore and other overseas cities are also planned.

 In the job description of the marketing manager, the small blue bicycle also mentioned that the 

candidate will also have the opportunity to lead the small blue bicycle in the global expansion.

"We will be the first to share the United States bike brand," Hu Yu said. However, before the small

 blue bike, Mo worship and ofo have said they would go overseas.

In October 2016, Mubai said it would enter Singapore in 2017, in fact, one of Moebay's investment 

Xiangfeng investment Vertex, is Singapore's sovereign wealth fund Temasek subsidiary, which makes 

Moab expansion in Singapore logical.

In December the same year, ofo also announced that it will enter the overseas market, the first 

stop will be Silicon Valley and London. Co-founder and CEO of Dell, said that the reason settled 

in Silicon Valley and London, North America and Europe, mobile Internet penetration is high, and 

there is a strong riding culture. Ofo also announced the formation of a team of foreign engineers, 

for overseas users to develop the overseas version of the application of o, and according to 

different countries and regions of the localization design.

According to Appannie in the January 7 list, in the iOS travel category free ranking, Mo Ba ranked 

4, ofo ranked 9th, small blue bicycle ranked 17th.

Small blue bicycle is independent from the beast riding team, in November 2016, the beast riding 

announced 150 million yuan B round of financing, also announced the establishment of a shared 

bicycle team small blue bicycle (Bluegogo). As of now, small blue bicycle has settled in Shenzhen, 

Guangzhou and Chengdu.

Beast riding behind the company is Beijing Beast Science and Technology, the company in March 2015 

received the Genuine Fund angel round financing, and later innovation workshops, the new dynamic 

Jinding Fund, Xiaochang Mizuki investment also joined in.

Beast Technology initially released a "Beast Riding" App, can record the riding exercise, while 

extended to the cycling community activities; and then released the intelligent hardware products "

wild beast intelligence"; March 2016, released the Intelligent Movement Carbon fiber bicycle, 

divided into road and mountain version, according to models, the lowest price of 4,000 yuan, the 

maximum can reach 15,000.

Therefore, the beast science and technology before doing things in the bicycle industry chain, but 

the direction of positioning is a professional cycling and intelligent hardware. In fact, the smart

 bike in 2015 when the bike is also a hot area of development, when many technology companies have

 to cut into the traditional bicycle industry. For example, millet investment riding in mind 

science and technology, music as the sport flying pigeons, other start-up team also made cloud 

technology, 700Bike and so on.

Hu Yu-bo that was born in beast science and technology, small blue bicycle has a natural product 

development background, including hardware and intelligent networking module. In addition, the 

small blue bicycle has more than 40 former Uber employees, also has an advantage in the operation. 

This is more than 40 individuals is to follow Hu Yu, Hu Yu boiling in the small blue before the 

bike, was Uber China Southern Region Market Efficiency Director.

But the industry chain background and intelligent technology is difficult to say how much will 

bring small blue advantage, after all, these technologies do not seem too high barriers.

The face of the new air bikes shared, the capital market crazy, separate background of the team 

have heard of the move. And small blue background similar to the above mentioned millet ecological 

chain riding technology in mind also introduced a small white bicycle; traditional bicycle 

manufacturing industry chain, with permanent bicycle investment in the middle of the road riding 

the excellent bike, professional sports bike brand Kay Road The same time also has the traditional 

public bicycle operating background, similar to one of the largest public bicycle operators, "Wing"

 has also launched a "self-help" But even if there is no background of the industry chain, but also

 can quickly look similar products, such as riding a bicycle, Hellobike, "fast rabbit travel" and 

so on.

Although already rushed into the D round, Mo worship or that did not find profit model. But Hu Yu 

said that according to their estimates, as long as they can control the cost of 2,000 yuan in the 

following cycling, you can achieve profitability. Small blue bicycle deposit of 99 yuan, half an 

hour rent 0.5 yuan.

This calculation, I am afraid did not consider the competitive environment, with more and more 

competitors to join, the future situation of a city oversupply or will soon appear. More 

importantly, and from the creation of time, financing conditions, the size of the market point of 

view, Mo worship and ofo was included in the first echelon, small blue bike access time is 

relatively late. The first-mover advantage is important for start-ups, and post-entrants clearly 

need higher acquisition costs.

Small blue bicycle half an hour rent from the first echelon of 1 yuan halved to 0.5 yuan, small 

Ming bicycles in the highly competitive Shanghai directly down to 0.1 yuan. However, compared to 

other services, the sharing of single-passenger single-passenger unit price has been very low case,

 the user's sensitivity in the price decline, the effect of such subsidies is not obvious. Even if 

the competition is so intense, did not appear as a taxi platform as subsidies war. Moreover, 

because of the need to use ID card registration, payment of deposits and other steps, the user's 

migration is very difficult.

However, the optimism is that, unlike many Internet services, which can quickly form a monopoly of 

the national region, the monopolization of shared bicycles is limited to the operation of the city 

or region, and the market is relatively independent between cities. For the new city, the pioneer 

has no first-mover advantage, basically belong to the same starting line.

This may also be the reason why, even if the business model is not claimed, all of the shared 

bicycle operators are expanding rapidly, including those with different market conditions and risks.

 Of course, if the profit model to determine, they do so more power.

If the cost of production of a single bike is basically flat, then the level of overseas prices 

higher, while sharing the bicycle on the artificial management of lower investment, it seems the 

possibility of profit will be higher than the domestic. On the other hand, there is more uncertainty

 in the overseas market environment, sharing bicycles and urban management should be coordinated, 

which means a higher operational risk.

"Overseas residents are more receptive to bike travel, although the population density may not be 

as high as the domestic city, as a pioneer is always to face some risks.beard riding a large part 

of the market in overseas, already has a wealth of overseas operations Of course, in any case, 

pioneers always have to face some risks. "Hu Yu said.