Sharing Car Not Popular Than Sharing Bike?

According to the Voice of China "late evening peak" reported that in the past 2016, "sharing the 

economy" has become a social hot words to taxi software, shared bicycle as the representative of a 

large number of business projects came into being, during which a new Of the car model "shared car"

 has also entered the people's attention, although the development time is not short, but compared 

to "shared bicycle", "shared car" of the limelight does not appear to be so strong. However, 

recently, the industry believes that 2017 will be the first year of sharing the car outbreak.

Down the stairs to find Moba, ride to the nearest Togo outlets, mobile phone APP button, drive to 

the unit, is the daily life of Zhang Ran in Beijing, "now the car is really Tingduo estimated to 

have dozens of cars, car Is still expanding, not only Smart, as well as a variety of models such as


Togo is a shared car platform, a similar platform at least a dozen. Another user, Mr. Gofun has 

been used once and two platforms, "I do not have to sit classes, because I did not roll on the 

number of previous trips are subway, subway in some places have to transfer, is not particularly 

convenient, when I A search Gofun 500 meters away from home there is a point, take their mobile 

phone APP began to rent, direct billing after driving.

Such platforms are generally download APP, after the driver's license to upload information, after 

the audit, and then pay a certain amount of deposit, the consumer can use car rental. Zhang Ran 

said that more convenient platform is generally two ways to take the car, "one is a designated 

network, there is a called 'relay', such as I just stop here, another person on the phone press a 

button You can see the surrounding all did not stop to the designated outlets of the car, he can 

choose the relay, went to the vicinity of the car away, but he had to bear the parking fee, the 

parking fee is borne by the relay.

The general platform to support the user to park the car near the destination parking spaces, as 

long as the crossed, and all places can stop.

With the open to go to the children parking, eliminating the need to keep the car trouble for the 

inconvenience of a taxi or limited number of cities policy, shared car APP many consumers. Zhang 

Ran said: "during the Spring Festival is also OK, one to the peak really quite hard to grab, as I 

am more experienced to grab some of the better.

The industry is also very optimistic about this model, once the car founder, CEO Wang Yang had 

previously been interviewed in the media, even with more and more capital is expected to enter the 

market, "2017 will be the first year of shared car outbreak "However, there are consumers and 

experts pour cold water, such as Mr. Cheng believes that" shared car "is not enough to meet the 

market demand," car and network is not enough, I sometimes go to some places is not fixed, but in 

some places May not have that point, or sometimes the door of the point of no car, I have to change

 other ways, as well as we use habits, quality also need to upgrade.

Internet industry expert Lu Zhenwang from the profitability point of view, that the current model 

to the companies to bring huge maintenance costs, "this approach there is a very large vehicle 

operation and maintenance costs, through the bulk purchase of cars, and then put in the city Let 

the user to drive, this is a lot of problems, such as no oil problem, you have to take a car to 

refuel, he also ran in the past, whether it is electric or fuel, to solve the charging and 

refueling problem. A city to put ten thousand cars may be thousands of people around the 10,000 

cars, this to the fuel, that the charge, the maintenance, there are some rub touch, in the end who

 is going to help it solve the accident . "

"Shared car", what is the next blue ocean or a bubble, can only wait for time to test