Smart Cycling

I think that when talking about bicycle technology innovation, we need to first define its product


Traditional bicycles or accessories manufacturers, such as Trek, Scott, Specialized, or Shimano, 

Avid, in fact, are basically competitive.

For example, Ferrari's technology has almost always been derived from the experience of Formula One

 races and has been ported to civilian sports cars. If it is ordinary civilian cars, Ferrari may be

 part of the technology to the Fiat brand to do the application. This strategy is also the strategy

 of those manufacturers.

For ordinary people, the bicycle is a shelf, two wheels plus a few pieces of gear. But if the 

connotation of the bike on such a point, it is estimated that there will not be a variety of 

international brands. In fact any of the design and manufacture of spare parts, processes are more


So the so-called smart bike is what? In fact, is almost equivalent to the cottage of the frame + 

almost equivalent to the cottage of the parts assembled into a look cool car, and then bundled on 

the so-called "operating system." In my opinion, in fact, we usually usually the most common 

cottage plus a running Android device.

I can think of the "smart bike" application scenario is probably so few points:

1. Biking to buy food will not get lost. But this demand seems to be pseudo-demand, a remote 

service or play generally do not choose a bike as a means of transport. Moreover, from the current

 point of view of navigation equipment, forcibly tied to the experience on the bike in any case is

 not better.

2. The so-called scientific exercise method, you can calculate the calories consumed. And then 

high-end point, is nothing more than to be able to detect peripheral accessories with heart rate 

heart rate what, but for the light truck users, meaningless. Even if you have to use this, a few 

hundred dollars to buy a code table or can be equipped with an App to get, why spend money to buy 

a car? (Quasi-professional cycling enthusiasts, such as there are currently more than 5,000 yuan a 

bike user, it is estimated will not use this kind of "smart bike" ride, because for this part of 

the user, the domestic gang shouted to repairer Of the companies simply can not create a qualified 

for their bike).

3. Social? Is a pseudo-demand. Countless people doing a bike after riding a route trajectory in the

 SNS encountered a sister and then dream about the gun. But the fact is, why about the gun but also

 a bike to help? Micro-line okay? Strange street not? Do you know? Moreover Strava like the 

software already has a good social function, if I was a user to download such a free App to solve 

my needs should be more Kaopu one thing.

4. Anti-theft? brake light? Turn lights? Omnipotent Taobao can help you to get this part of the 

demand. And the fact that if the thief deliberately want to steal the car, the vault door can give 

you pry open, whatever your GPS positioning or smart lock everything is clouds.

Look at the traditional manufacturers is how to achieve the "smart" word and bicycle linked to: DT 

Swiss has a smart fork, in the case of shock absorber shock if you encounter a substantial shock, 

the fork will automatically unlock. Specialized smart shock is usually locked, the frame is almost 

the same with the ordinary hard tail, only to encounter a more substantial vibration will play a 

role. The difference is that DT Swiss technology can only do unlock, re-lock also need to manually 

switch, lightning does not need. Baidu of this kind of technology for what the estimates have been 

considered a black technology level.

As for Shimano recently made the increasingly hot electronic speed and the like, 

other manufacturers are not even think.

Said straightforward to Baidu as a typical representative of the "smart bike" concept is to put the

 existing App + heart rate bandage / accessories and accessories such as Taobao cottage rubbed to 

a piece of nonsensical. They boast to the user when the product must be said to be epoch-making, 

because when you ride can social, but also to talk WeChat, but also bubble sister. To spray when 

investors must say that this is an ecosystem of an industrial chain, the goods actually have the 

operating system. When the product manager to himself, it is likely to say that this bicycle who 


PS. From a variety of smart watches, smart bracelet bubble is not difficult to see that the current

 market is full of too much on the pseudo-demand based on the product. Do users really need to be 

social when running? Calculate the mileage, heart rate and calories really help you lose weight 

science it? Take a few steps a day after a meal beneficial to the health of the facts, the need to 

set a pedometer wrist to prove it? The quality of sleep at night because of a known to be able to 

monitor the sleep state of the hand ring can be improved it?