Smart Cycling Is Coming

Intelligent storm has now spread to all areas, it allows traffic into "intelligent transportation" 

so that medical become a "smart medicine", so that sport becomes a "smart sports", make exercise 

into a "Smart Fitness . " With Fitness intelligent struck, if not two "Smart Brush", the gym is 

difficult to achieve long-term development, "I have no people, I have excellent" is the right gym 

Operations Management Open.

Intelligent cyclone has swept the gym / club, fitness equipment and intelligent transformation and 

upgrading. Spinning in the gym, for example, almost every movement of people put it to look into 

the gym the most representative movement, if the current row of the gym all drills a popular list, 

ranked first affirmation It is not hip-hop, Latin, and must be spinning. No exaggeration to say 

that many people do fitness card, is to last a good spinning class. But the traditional spinning 

project itself there is a very obvious disadvantages, such as environmental health boring, boring, 

fitness coach class time a single user class reservation difficult ...... these problems more or 

less affect the user's mood and fitness enthusiasm.

But it must be recognized that any problems will find the appropriate solution, gym / club is no 

exception. Now many gym / club has added real team teaching function of spinning the new curriculum,

 learning not only allows users to pick and enjoy the atmosphere of the best riding and cycling 

guidance gym can also reduce operational costs and improve user stickiness between the gym, can be 

said to "kill two birds with one stone."

Virtual team teaching is the music moving world gym intelligent solutions to add a new feature, in 

the broadest sense can be understood as a team between the user with the user to follow the 

built-realistic images and coaches rhythm biking. Riding with the rhythm of the coach moving speed, 

while understanding the level of training of the members and coaches. It is worth mentioning that 

this is not simply riding coach, will guide the entire process for each user, including the riding 

position, riding speed, riding rhythm, etc., in order to achieve the data between the user and 

coaches all matches for users to find their own riding speed and riding methods, and by supporting 

scientific guidance of coach ride data, allowing users to cycling with less, greatly improving the 

fitness initiative members.

Virtual team teaching everyone with the team riding in addition to stress, there is an important 

point is the "teaching." Virtual team teaching can really be "assisted teaching." If the coach 

failed to attend, the computer can automatically lead the user riding instructor, and provide 

on-site guidance. If you are a white-collar workers, fitness time and working hours are often 

crash, can only choose to work in the gym or on weekends, and that real teaching team is your most 

appropriate choice. Without waiting for the coach, as long as you have time, you can always go to 

the gym, wait in line to bid farewell to the venue, booking coaches and other issues, easy and 

convenient to enjoy biking.

At present, many gym facing pressure to cut costs, how to enhance the attractiveness of gym users, 

make it easier to sell cards, how to try to reduce administrative costs, increase revenue so that 

the gym is a gym practitioners are constantly thinking about the problem. Fitness appear intelligent

, sustained and stable development of the fitness industry provides a new opportunity, through the 

introduction of high-tech means, so that people exercise more efficient, more fun, gym at improving

 the attractiveness of the situation, but also provides users with smart new experience.

Looking at the trends of development of the fitness industry, intelligence is a necessary stage 

experience, whether it is the owner or user of the gym, we need to change the traditional model and

 the concept of fitness as soon as possible, only the times in order to obtain long-term development

. Virtual team teaching just one of many new smart health products representing the future many more

 products waiting to discover, to use. Intelligent life-changing, let us meet together into the new 

era of intelligence.