What Can We Do For China's Smart Bicycle ?

Li Keqiang, on the day of 26, walked into the one bicycle store to experience. Here are placed in different grades, different material and performance bike. Prime Minister came to a carbon fiber bike and try this super smart bicycle. He said, I am willing do advertise for Chinese, more willing hope "Made in China" can "Upgrade to smart ".

The Prime Minister is willing to Chinese bicycle do advertising, so we are pleased, because a lot of manufacturing in China, the bicycle is the "little guy", can't compare with the high-speed rail and other "big guy" .It can make Prime Minister are glad do ads, more important reason is: Cycling is a popular commodity in today's international market, the demand is not small, and now the Chinese bicycle manufacturers have a smart upgrade, with a considerable competitive edge in the international market, is China market enter into the international market's famous brand……

The Prime Minister is willing to do Chinese bicycle advertising, we can not as a watcher, also need try our best for China bicycle enter into international market. At the moment, most realistic output is that:people should pay attention to and purchase and use smart chinese bicycle. In a sense, this is the international advertising . Smart upgraded version of Chinese bicycles so good so good, not to speak mouth alone, more foreigners want to see the Chinese people by how to use well. If Chinese do not buy and use,how to attract foreigners?

Before the 1980s, China can be described as a "big country using bicycle", on the road, there are all bikes. the scene is very spectacular . From now on, we should revive the  bike, let it become an important tool for people to travel. In fact, at the moment abroad, there have been a trend to use bicycle again. it is thought-provoking.

However, to get people to pay attention to the purchase and use of smart upgraded version of Chinese bicycles must be solved these problems: First, to protect the intelligent bicycle can have a roads to use. Today, car occupied most roads., which can be said to promote the use of smart upgrade version of Chinese bicycle biggest "bottleneck." Second, in the units and residential areas, open up bicycle storage areas, can consider charge or without charge. Now, there is no place to put a bike, there is no special person to keep on the outside, it is easy to  stolen, so someone had to span bike to the unit's office or at home, is very inconvenient, which greatly hampered the purchase and use bicycles. The third is to protect the quality of intelligence upgraded version of Chinese bicycles, and the price should civilians,  PFP, be inexpensive, cost-effective.