Wuhan, The First 40,000 Public Bicycles On The Road "bluegogo" As The City Landscape

"Congratulations, you ride the bike is the first 40,000 public bicycles in Wuhan." Yesterday, the Wuchang Shahu Road, waterfront public bicycle site staff sent a commemorative gift at the same time, the Wuhan Central Public Cycling Bike Company Intelligent System background display , As of now public bicycle station has been built 2000, into the vehicle 40,000, ahead of schedule half of the plan.

Today, Wuhan public bicycle ride accumulated more than 32 million people, every day more than 10 million people riding in the streets, has become a beautiful landscape Jiangcheng.

College students love to ride the East Lake Green Road

After the opening of the East Lake Green Road, China 's large juniors Li Jun became a "small blue powder" (Wuhan public bike nickname "car small blue"), almost every afternoon to come here, sometimes a person, sometimes three Five students together, riding a bike, green road, all the way to cheer, both fashion and fitness. Li Jun said that riding a public bicycle from the school to travel needs; in the green road cycling, it is leisure and enjoyment, and the whole free, very cost-effective.

Public bicycles in the just started development, mainly around the bus, subway, station, residential area, business district, school and other distribution, to meet the needs of the public travel. As the site continues to improve and increase, and gradually introduce public bike into the marshland, parks, greenways, scenic spots and other places, to meet the diversity needs of the public.

"A key bike rental" is really convenient

Last month, the ring cast public bike in the WeChat scan code rental car on the basis of the first in the country launched the "River City easy cycling" mobile APP1.0 beta.

Yesterday, the reporter opened all the way in the benefits of APP, and soon to check the location of the four sites near the vehicle full of empty space at the same time the map also shows the phone navigation from the nearest site location. Easy to come to the site, directly click on the phone, "was" bang, bike from the pile to unlock, to achieve a "one-button car rental."

Relying on the municipal government "Internet" development plan, Wuhan public bicycle from the bike identification IC card, to the locking device rental bike system, to mobile micro letter, APP mobile bike ... ... 8 months to complete three major upgrades and dozens Sub-small optimization.

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